Just an idea

Hi Amy49 and Samella
It sounds like we’re getting a little Essex group together. Hopefully when we are able to we can meet up and have a chat. You would both be welcome to come to my home if you’re not up to going out. Meanwhile, lets keep in touch on here. Thanks ladies
Marion (Mazza1)

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Hi Donna, Ron, Julia & everyone in the North West
I live near Manchester and would be interested in meeting up, no idea where though.

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I am from Preston, I drive so all we have to do is sort out a meeting spot, plenty of time as covid is still a big danger, Sundays is the best day for me as I still work, if there is anyone that does not drive do not be put off as I am sure something can be sorted out.

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Hi Chrissy I started a new conversation headed NW Meet up
Donna x

I’m in Wigan and happy to help organise x

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I am in Leicestershire would love to meet up
Anytime near xx

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Hi everyone, just wanted to jump in here and give a friendly reminder about staying safe online. I’ve noticed a few comments mentioning where you live and as a public forum, anyone could see this information and possibly identify you. To help you stay safe online it might be best to disclose these details privately to each other over PMs. This then gives you a bit more safety that your information about where you live is only being shared with the person you would like.

You may also like to have a quick read of our terms and conditions which also has a few tips about online safety such as this one below:

Think about your safety if you ever arrange to meet people you have met on any online community and if you are doing this, always tell someone else about your plans.

If you have any questions or feel unsure about anything, you can reach out to me via email at online.community@suerydercare.org.


Omg I hope I haven’t overstepped the mark coming up with this idea it was my intention to attempt to get like minded people together to offer support and never to endanger anyone take care stay safe Karen x

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No you have not over stepped the mark, the only thing that needs to be in everyone’s mind is as I have said before we are all very vulnerable at the moment no personal information should be given out, meet in numbers, just be on your guard, the likely hood is we are all genuine but it only takes one. Keep safe and the meeting place has to be very public.


Thinking of walking my dog Sunday in Blackpool, iam thinking about dropping my 93 year old dad at little bispam and walking to cleavleys, my dad has a lady friend who he is missing badly who lives near by, I hate Sundays they now drag on forever. If you feel safe and OK I would arrange a time for a walk and talk. In the fresh air if anyone interested let me know. If you see a six foot two man walking a rotwiler it’s not me, five foot six and a lady pug… Hello

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I’m in Leicestershire x

Hi Christy I’m in Manchester and would love to meet up when restrictions are lifted perhaps end of April kathleen

Hi Kathleen
That sounds like a good idea, maybe we can keep in touch by private message to make arrangements nearer the time. I will try to send you a private message today, not sure how to do it, so not sure I will succeed. Take care.

Hello, I am recently bereved (3 weeks) and feel it would be good to meet up for walks and coffee.

I am living in Sydenham Hill, South East London. Anyone else, either near by or further afield who feels it would be mutually bebefitial do contact me.

Merrin x

Hi Julie. I live only 6 miles from Wigan in Leigh. If you would like to meet up after 12th April I would love to meet you and chat. I lost my Ron on 25th Sept 2018 so I have been on this journey for over 2 years. It helps so much to talk to someone going through the same thing. Please private message me if you want to meet. I can drive to Wigan town centre. I send you my thoughts and best wishes.

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I am near Wigan so Manchester or Wigan fine for me.

I will pm you tonight x

Kazzer, I live in East Yorkshire, about 80 miles away from you. I have an electrical car, I just need to find a Pod Point to charge it for the journey back, I think. Please DM me if you would like to meet up in a socially distanced fashion…


I have checked, the journey is do-able via the M18, it takes about 2 hours depending on traffic. Plenty of charging stations on the way.

hi Margarita, I don’t live in London but can easily get there, (I have a friend who lives near Vauxhall), when we are able I would be happy to meet up.