Photos of loved ones


Another lovely photo

Cheryl x

She looks too young to die jooles.
I have this thing about people dying when they are old,frail, a bit decrepit.
Our mums were still so able and young at heart x

Thanks lyn.
So surreal even now x

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I used to say to mum “don’t worry when you are old and decrepit You csn come and live with me in Cornwall”. She used to say “oh cheers”. And we used to laugh. Mum was still at work until 6 weeks before she died. She had written on her calendar in the September month “ holiday with Julia”.

Do you think we could ever see our parents as old? My dad was 80 when he passed and he still looked younger than his years and was mentally as sharp as a razor. He had heart failure lurking in the background that we didn’t see but for me whatever age our parents were they were just simply “invincible” they are meant to be here forever…I know logically that isn’t true but it’s how we feel about our parents and accepting their death just bewilders us. They bought us into this world and are part of us never to be separated

Lynn very very true, tonight I sat there and thought “she’d supposed to be at home. She’s always supposed to be at home”. This isn’t supposed to happen. But of course that’s not true

They say home is where the heart is and that’s where they are and always have been in our hearts. My dad once said to me “Lyn I wouldn’t care if I never saw you again as long as I knew you were happy” I told him off for that as it upset me when he said it but now how ironic is that statement and how I so understand it. Love truly transcends the physical. I say Everytime I look at dad’s photo now exactly the same words, i.e. all I want to know is wherever he is he is happy. Nobody can answer that but what I do know is he is no longer suffering the imprisonment of a body that eventually gave up


My dad shows up every day because his life blood is within me, in all I do, all that I am and all that my life represents. He breathes his life through me and I am grateful for every breath I take because he gifted this to me


, That was my mum with a few of her 9 children and 37 grandkids 2 Christmases ago. :grinning:

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That’s a nice photo Theresa.
Although painful to post, it’s been lovely seeing photos of loved ones.
Cheryl x

Jooles, this is, a, lovely idea. Xx

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It’s lovely to remember the good times, thanks c1961. X

You’ve just aged me by 10 years!
Ha ha
I study mums photo and look at every bit of her hair, skin,teeth and think how can she be gone?
Its crazy x

I know. I still talk to my mum, esp when I’m driving. And we still set a place for her at dad’s. And we all go over on Christmas day and do everything, just like we always did. Thats our way of remembering her.

Your mum has such a beautiful face and a smile to match. x x

Thanks mary. I miss her more than words can sayx

Just seen these. Lovely photo. I look at my mums photo then the pot of her ashes next to the photo and it’s utterly surreal. I still have no way come to terms with that she has gone. Is anyone else still in disbelief?

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I’m in permanent disbelief. I just refuse to believe she has gone.
But she has and in my lifetime I will never see her again. That’s why I’m so down x

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It comes over me in really strong waves. Then utterly drowns me. No longer here. Never to see her again. I can hear her voice so clearly. I was in the supermarket today and picked up yoghurt pots she used to buy the kids. I thought. She will never do that again. I could have laid on the floor and cried. It’s so overwhelming.

Your stronger than you think. I can’t even face going in a supermarket yet x