Physical symptoms of grief

I woke up with a splitting headache indindnin the mornings I feel like I aren’t going to get up today sometimes I do sometimes I don’t but I just don’t have any energy I’ve just started learning some guitar off YouTube it helps to be doing something creative is anyone else struggling with these things?

Hi Natmary I’m getting a lot of headaches and I’ve now got sinusitis. Also haven’t got much energy but have to take the dog out. It’s a month today since my husband died xx

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Hi Natmary, you are experiencing physical grief. Or a migraine. I had throat ache and chest pains after my wife died. I honestly thought I would die of a broken heart. I still suffer from apathy and poor sleep and it’s been 5 months now. I also couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, what was the point? My whole reason for living had gone
Everyone suffers like this, you are not alone, our lives have changed dramatically.


Thanks does it get any better?

It’s so not fair not online have we had something awful happen to cause us grief we have got all these ongoing crappy symptoms and a low grade quality of life to contend with as well great I try to exercise and eat a some nutritious food when I have the energy it’s a horrible experience unlike the flu there’s is no beginning middle or end and yes my sleep is totally screwy I already had a lot of that from post traumatic stress I can’t remember anything and I don’t want to be around people prefer my dogs company I know that’s not healthy. It it’s how it is

Have u had any support since your wife died?

I think it does get better. I hope so as am 18 months into this and still not sleeping and being very apathetic. I remember from when my Dad passed away it seemed to take forever before I got back on an even keel. When I can I will have an extra 30 minutes in bed with a cup of tea which seems to give me the oomph I need to get up!

I find I am sort of OK until I become unwell then go to pieces a bit. I have had a head cold and sinus problems for a couple of weeks and have found I am terribly weepy at the moment.

The physical pain goes away but (I’m told) the loss doesn’t get any better, it just gets easier to cope.

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Hi Natmary, no I haven’t been for any support. I went to see if I needed counseling but after all their questions, I realised I was suffering from grief and all I need is time.

Mel that sounds very much like where I am too like you takes me forever to get up mornings are so difficult I have the sinus thing going on do you find you are way more sensitive to noise I’m finding also it’s hard going to sleep and staying asleep it doesn’t so good to talk to someone who gets it Thankyou for being on here

Yes it is s time factor personally and it’s only my own experience I haven’t found counselling very helpful what is helpful is s friend who you can talk to every now and then I guess that’s why we are on here

The sleep problem is a big one for me. I fall asleep out of exhaustion but wake every night about 3 am and that’s my lot. My mind starts churning and everything seems 10 times worse in the dark, if that’s even possible. People keep telling me to ‘go to the doctor and get something for it’ but I worry that this will lead to an even bigger problem if I become dependent on sleeping tablets. I am permanently shattered.
I just hope this will improve with time but not hopeful.

Hi Annc i wonder how long have you been struggling with it. I found a really helpful herbal mixture Irish botanical peace and calm it’s one of the few things I’ve tried that actually works I’m sure in time it will get better just how long we don’t know it’s not linear it must depend on your support networks your state of health before the event diet blah blah keep talking that helps to people who get it

I woke up at like 3.50am and I’ve been up since as time marches on it seems the symptoms too change wax and wane it’s the randomness of them that’s the hardest part I think

Hi everyone,it’s been 13 weeks today since I list my Clive,I wakeup about 2am every day.then can’t get back to sleep,I feel I have no energy.ive had to go back to work as well hugs to everyone

It certainly is ‘random’ Natmary. I managed to sleep last night until 5.40 am - probably the best night I have had in the past 3 months and I feel so much better all round today. Just shows how being sleep deprived makes everything 10 times worse. I fully expect to be back to a few hours sleep tonight though. Thanks for the herbal tip - will look out for some.

Hi All
I find that I take dizzy spells and shoulder and neck pain and just shattered back at work just want to go to bed and sleep through to the morning my body feels as if it’s as tight as a drum .


My goodness I take my hat off to anyone who is working a full time job and going through grief I can’t work there is absolutely no way I have post traumatic stress and I would definitely end up with chronic fatigue as well I had a lot of energy yesterday highly unusual and I I’ve really did it so Ann paying for it today this kind of fatigue is very different to anything else I’ve experienced am just so wiped out early mornings wake ups don’t help but having the dog does get a dog if you’re struggling with grief I reckon

Hi natmary and to everyone havnt been here for a couple of days.i take each day as it comes,I have to start work at 6.30am and don’t finish until 4pm.i have 3 little dogs as well bless them.i don’t sleep very well at night takes ages to go to sleep.i think I get a couple of hours.i wake up about 3am every morning then that’s it.mind starts working overtime thinking about my Clive.i take the dogs out at 5am then my sister comes and takes them out.then do it in the evening by the time I go to sleep I am absolutely whacked.but still only sleep til 3am.when I am at work I feel like I am in a daze.not taking every thing in.its been 13 weeks since I lost my Clive but it’s like it only happened yesterday.big hugs to everyone

Hi pen 13 weeks is yesterday it’s not even the blink of an eye I hear it take years to grieve which I find a bit depressing as the thought of years of this is pretty horrible you do extremely well to actually get out of bed st that time and walk your dogs I can’t get up when I’ve woken up early so you’re doing great I know what you mean I’m in a daze too not present to much of anything but the dog really thanks for writing

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