Psychics and mediums

Has anyone seen one? Any experiences to share?

After spending my entire life as a absolute atheist I’m desperate to think there is somewhere he has gone. Where I will see him again one day…

Is it all rubbish or do you get good ones?


I suspect your last sentence sums it up (I hesitate to swear on here as SR tend not to like it)
There is a long running thread on here somewhere, but it’s not something I have read through.


Oops sorry I didn’t realise about the swearing. I will edit it


I have done a lot of research and had a private online reading with a respected medium who brought my Mum through and I knew without a doubt it was her.

I have also been to several online evenings of mediumship and recently had another message from my Mum.

You need to do your research, if you Google “medium” you will get a lot of questionable results. The genuine ones take a bit of finding, don’t just go to the first one that pops up in a search.

I have a private reading booked in June with a very reputable medium who has a waiting list and I am very much looking forward to that.

Unfortunately there are a lot of frauds out there who get the reputable mediums a very bad name.

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I’m disappointed with your edit, I preferred the original comment :smile:

Each of us have to make our own mind up about this topic. I was convinced my husband was talking to me through music for quite a while despite being a firm atheist too. I don’t think that now (well…sometimes I do) but we all have to do whatever gets us through and it did bring me comfort when i needed it.

I was recommended a book by Deepak Chopra called You Are The Universe by a fellow griever on this forum. This is something i so far can’t find fault with and is from a scientific angle about quantum physics in case that floats your boat but I couldn’t read anything much for the first few months due to concentration levels having been shot to pieces so maybe its not a good time for that for you yet. Whatever you do I hope you don’t pay too much money and find some comfort somehow. I don’t believe in mediums or gods personally but that doesn’t mean I’m right neither and for every one of me there are many others who do believe. Take care.

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I’ve had readings with quite a few now and I’ve yet to find one whose convinced me. I lpaid £750 for my first ever reading with a “top American medium” and it was clear she was bluffing. Thankfully after twenty painful minutes of guessing and very vague generic stuff and one guess that was way off the mark she stopped the reading and refunded me.

Most of them have done the gentleman here with chest issues, lady with cancer thing. Nearly all of them mentioned grandparents but they are the easiest guesses.
They bring so much love through.
They know you’re thinking of memorial tatoos, bears, jewellery or trees.
There’s a birthday or anniversary coming up they want to acknowledge, there’s only twelve months in a year so odds are quite high that there will be a birthday or anniversary in the family soon. A few gave me “significant months” that weren’t particularly that significant but again there’s a one in twelve chance of getting something.
They bring a lost baby with them, again miscarriages are sadly so incredibly common that most families will have a lost baby :broken_heart:
There’s been a disagreement in the family, with all the stress around a death, funeral arrangements, inheritance etc or just familiar falling out it’s rather common to have family disagreements.
You’ve been noticing signs, feathers, robins, coins etc…again don’t we all look out for signs after our loss.
They know grief inside out. They know exactly how we are feeling and exactly what we want to hear. I’ve got a few more readings coming up so I haven’t given up but I’m no longer hopeful :unamused: