Reading other posts has helped me a little

Today I woke up sad and the grief is growing. I have to send documents to solicitors and such like but I am almost unwilling to do it. Is it because it will be just another bit of our lives together that will be closed? I think so. I can hardly type these words for the tears. Does anyone, like me, ask why they lost their loved one who was kind, gentle and loving when there are so many bad people still breathing? I know it’s a selfish thing to say but I ask myself this every day. I’m so unhappy…

Hi know the feelings to well done inheritance tax probate etc then was told my husbands name should come off our title deeds to the house because if anything happens to me my kids would have to sort it like erasing them from our lives it’s heartbreaking sending love x

I continually ask why this should have happened to my beautiful, loving, caring girl. She was healthy, fit and full of vigour but collapsed and died within eight hours from a brain bleed. This was on the 1st May and ever since then I cannot bear to have anything changed in the house otherwise I would feel I am losing more of her. I miss her more each day and doubt if I will ever recover from the loss. The pain and loneliness is excruciating. Reading and posting on this site helps simply because it’s a slight distraction from my negative thoughts.
My thoughts are with you through this desperate struggle. xx AL

And my thoughts are with you also. Take care.

It just seems that everything from the joint names on the deeds, his bank bank accounts, car, everything is disappearing except the sadness and my memories. I suppose in the end that is all I will have of him to carry me through. Lovely loving memories.

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I got a letter addressed to Frankie today from the GMB. I was upset because as his payments came out of his wages I assumed they would know why his subs hadn’t been paid. His workplace has full time union reps so no excuse for this error surely.
I also constantly ask myself why him who wouldn’t harm a fly when there are vile scumbags stealing my oxygen. It’s simply not fair is it

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No, it doesn’t feel like it.