Scattering Ashes

I scattered my Mum and Dad’s ashes a couple of weeks ago, on my Dad’s 23rd anniversary. My Mum has only been gone 10 months. I feel happy for them that I have carried out their wishes but I feel so sad for myself, as selfish as that sounds. Before, in my head I could still envisage my Mum pottering around her home like she was still here but now I can’t and I almost feel like I have a tiny shred of acceptance but it feels too soon. I’d be interested to know how anyone else has felt after scattering ashes of their loved ones.

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Hello @Sal46, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad and mum. It is understandable that you’re feeling sad. I’m sure someone will be along to share their experiences, but I wanted to link you to this thread which talks about scattering ashes. You might find some comfort in reading it. Scattering ashes

Take care,

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Thank you for your kind words Seaneen and for the link x