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Hi everyone. I’ve been sitting here thinking this morning, remembering things about my husband and thought it might be good/fun to share little things about our loved ones. It could be something endearing or funny, annoying, irritating, anything. I know when I was thinking, it brought a smile to my face so hopefully it could do the same for you. Shall I start?

I think I may have said before but I’ll say it again - David had the most over the top laugh; it was so loud and often not needed. We could be watching something on telly and he would burst out laughing; so loud that we would miss the next bit. We would turn to him and say “It really wasn’t that funny.” I was watching Porridge last night and I thought of him laughing, could practically hear him. Yes, I’m smiling as I’m typing this. :blush:


Reading that Kate made me smile :slightly_smiling_face: is nice how we can picture them laughing…
Suzie would laugh at people getting hurt, like you been framed… She would be hysterical tears streaming… I’d look at her and always ask how it was funny :man_shrugging: but anytime I see something like that I remember her laughing…
Is a lovely Thread… Sharing a memory of them… Thanks Kate x


Thanks for sharing @Lostinlimbo. People having mishaps does tickle some people because it can be really funny. My husband was up a ladder cutting our conifer hedge one time and the ladder slipped and he went sprawling into the hedge. He just lay there for a few seconds, stunned I think. Me and my son were absolutely howling with laughter whilst David sorted himself out effing and blinding, as you can imagine. I’m actually laughing out loud right now, just recalling it. :rofl::rofl:


Hello Crazy_Katy,

I’m going to enjoy this thread, you are so inspiring, such lovely ideas, I did follow your idea on writing about our husbands/partners from head to toe, and it has really helped, I often go back to reread it. So thank you for sharing your ideas.

One memory I have is quite a simple one really, it’s how Chris my husband would always, always, give me the last Rolo, even if it was really his share, I’d say no that’s yours, he’d reply, no its yours beacuse I’m giving it to you with all my love, thing is I have to open the whole pack of Rolo now and take the last one, as if its from Chris, before offering them around or eating any, just to make sure I get the last one from him,

Keep talking, reading and sharing, it helps so much,
Hugs Chrissy3


Oh that’s a lovely story @Chrissy3, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Weren’t we lucky to have been loved so much? There are some who never know a love such as ours.

I am pleased it helped writing about your husband. Well done you. It’s incredible how clear everything becomes when you start. I found I could almost reach out and touch him when I was lost in my head picturing my man. :heart:

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That is so true, it gave me so much comfort, and made me realise just how much I was able to remember, little blemishes, I’d completely not thought about just came to the surface, it was wonderful.
I’m pleased you felt you could almost reach out and touch your husband,

I think at time we are so wrapped up in our own love for our loved ones, its easy to forget how much they loved us, I was told every day by Chris, I was also shown by him in all he did, I do feel very privileged to have such love, and lucky he was in my life, he will always remain in my heart, until we meet again,
Take care x
Hugs Chrissy3

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When we brought our puppy, she was a devil for digging holes in the lawn. So we brought some green thin fencing that went right along the patio to stop her going on the lawn unsupervised.
One day I was upstairs, just happened to look out the bedroom window. Martin had rushed out in to the garden to watch a spit fire fly over the house, was walking backwards, looking up and and toppled backwards over the fence.
He got up quickly and looked around to see if anyone had seen this and caught me laughing from the bedroom window.
The one thing about Martin was he could laugh at himself and between us we had a good few minutes of laughing at what had just happened …… especially as it was almost in slow motion :blue_heart::blue_heart:


I’m on a bit of a roll now!!

Off the back of being a dog owner we met some lovely local people. Who thankfully have stayed in touch. The crowd really loved him because he was good at telling stories, stretching the truth a bit and generally have them all in stitches.

There were many people / groups that Martin had nicknames for.
He would think nothing, with his 2 friends in tow, walking up to 2 old ladies sitting on the park bench and asking how long they were planning to sit there for because he and his friends had booked a slot for sitting on that same bench. :woman_facepalming:t3: The 2 ladies become affectionately known as ‘ Hinge and Bracket’ and they loved the banter that would often follow for the next few years.

On the day of his funeral as we left the house, following Martin, all the dog walkers, accompanied by their dogs lined the street. They also had a collection as they wanted to plant a tree for him over the park where we all met. They need £250 but with random people adding to the pot, they raised £700. They have had a lovely plaque done for him sayings ‘ although the stories may become forgotten the memories of the story teller lives on., from all friends and fellow dog walkers.

The remainder of the donations will be going to the RNLI, his was a big supporter of their work.

Dee xxxx



That’s a special memory, isn’t it strange how the silly little things come back to us, who would have thought that at that time you would be recalling your shared laughter together in this way, hold on to these moments and cherish them.
Hugs Chrissy3


Well that story really made me laugh. :rofl: Thank you Dee. xx

That’s a lovely story. Your husband was obviously a very special man and well thought of. Is the tree and plaque in situ yet? xx

It’s hopefully going to be planted this coming month, we are being guided by the tree experts who look after the parks in the surrounding areas. They make the purchase and look after the tree for the first 2 years so hopefully it get nicely established. :crossed_fingers:



Thank you for starting something to make us smile. I haven’t commented on here for a while but your post and the subsequent ones were so lovely and got me smiling so I thought I’d share the first funny thing that popped into my head about Phil laughing.

We were on a plane to America with the children. It was night time so the lights were off and people were trying to sleep. I was queuing for the toilet with our daughters when suddenly we heard this really loud laughing. We immediately knew it was Phil! People started to wake up and some were tutting. Then we started laughing at him laughing. When we got back to our seats we found Phil watching Shrek! We had to stop him as he couldn’t stop laughing out loud to it.
Needless to say Shrek is now our favourite family film as it brings back happy memories. X


Oh that’s brilliant, thank you @Mumma_J. Just imagine if my David and your Phil were laughing together; they would shake the world. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

These stories are wonderful I’ve been sitting here laughing out loud
Thank you all just what I needed xxx

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They certainly would :joy::heart:
Thanks for starting that conversation it was lovely to read everyone’s funny stories x

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Glad we could help @Liz7. There’s not been much to laugh about but memories can often produce a smile. :blush:

Marcial was very romantic and one year he couldn’t wait to give me the flowers for valentine’s Day, I opened the door and he presented me with a beautiful bunch (he thought Roses) of red tulips! As you can imagine we had a good laugh.


That’s made me smile @Margarita1. Thank you for sharing. :blush:

I remember one time pauline was laying on the bed I went into the bedroom and I don’t know why but I ran in and leaped on to the bed and it collapsed her side her legs were dangling up in the air I couldn’t stop laughing she gave me such a stern look but she did see the funny side. Thankyou Kate for starting this thread just remembering that has brought a smile to my face x