Signs from loved ones

Hi everyone,

My mum passed away 3 weeks ago on Thursday, on the night after the passed away, me, my dad and my brother and sister all had odd things happen.

My dad went to the pub because he needed a drink after all that had happened and he said 3 times his nose was filled with her scent as if she was sat right next to him, then the TV at my sisters house changed channel on its own (to wonder woman funnily enough) and then I was dozing off at night and i felt something tickle me up my nose like a finger, it woke me up but I didn’t think anything of it until my brother said the exact same thing happened to him. We smiled and both agreed that it was my mums sense of humour to do something like that.

Since then, a couple of my nephews toys have gone off on their own, a box that’s been leant up against the wall in the porch for months flew over when my dad walked by it, a bag with the shoes in somehow moved on their own, and last week I saw a white light zoom across the room, only lasted for a split second but I deffo saw it, then my sister saw something similar a few nights later.

Then 2 nights ago, my nephew who’s only 3 was heard laughing his head off on his own in his room, he’s never done that before he’s either silent or screaming lol.

Them signs are a real comfort, I was never spiritual before but it’s certainly made me believe a bit more.

I was wondering if anyone else has had any signs from loved ones that have passed?

Love to you all xx


Hi KNW93,

Thank you for sharing what you’ve been experiencing recently. A number of members here have talked before about signs from their loved ones - often birds appearing at specific moments, or feathers being found in significant spots. Signs like this can often bring comfort, even if you’re not particularly spiritual, and it’s good to hear that they’re comforting you.

Take care,

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Hi KNW93 it is lovely you have had signs from your mum,my lovely husband passed over in march and although the sadness of missing him is sometimes unbearable,i feel I have had signs from him,my 3 yr old granddaughter was talking away and smiling to what looked to us like no one there but she said she was smiling and talking to her granda,she has done this a few times,also a photo fell on the day he died and no one was upstairs ,the dog sometimes sits and cries wagging its tail and looking into the kitchen when no one is there,a robin appeared twice when I visited his grave the other day,right after my daughter said I wonder if dad is here watching us,lots of other things have happened too,tele turning onto channel he used to watch,lightbulbs flickering and blowing,but not tripping the electric off.I think our loved ones will always be beside us and try to show us they still love and care for us,we just need to keep an open mind and open our eyes and ears to everything around us,I am more spiritual now than I have ever been,when I look back over the years strange things did happen at times when other loved ones had passed,i take a lot more notice now and get a lot of comfort from knowing they will always be there.We love them and they love us so why wouldn’t they give us signs.
Take care x

Hi Robina,

I’m sorry you lost your husband, how devastating and heart breaking for you, but I bet you felt such comfort when you had signs from your other half. It’s very much bittersweet, you miss them so much it hurts but you know that they are ok and it does make you happy, even if for a little while.

I believe there is something after this life, and that we will be reunited with our loved ones when it’s our time, my mum lost her dad in 1990 and it affected her really bad, but she said she saw him once in the living room, and since he died me, my mum and my sister have seen blue lights, I think the signs are telling us that they’re saying hello and want to reassure us :slight_smile:

I hope you’re bearing up :slight_smile: x

These are all definitely signs that your mum is still with you all. I am a very spiritual person and am currently undertaking dedicated classes from a wonderful medium to enhance the skills that we all possess. Anyway I’m not going to impose my beliefs upon you or any other in the group, I just wanted to say that the occurrences that you have described are some of the most commonly experienced signs from a loved one. Especially the scents and the tickle nose, sort of like you have just walked through a cobweb.
Take comfort in the signs you have received and know that your mum is with you. Take care xxx


I didn’t know how significant this might be but I lost my daughter 3 months ago. On two occasions recently whilst outside and suddenly overcome with a feeling of dread, a butterfly has landed on my arm and made me smile. This has never happened before. I don’t know however whether this is me using an unusual event to compensate for my loss or whether it is a sign that my daughter wanted to reassure me that she is in a good place. For my sanity I’m going to believe in the latter because that is a positive thought.


Hi Steve,

I’m so sorry to read that your daughter passed, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you’re going through.

To me it definitely sounds like your daughter is reassuring you that she’s okay, even more so if it happened twice, I know nothing can take away the grief and agony but I bet them moments gave you a real comfort, even if only for a little while, hearing other people’s stories does make me believe more that there is a life for us after we pass, a happy place :slight_smile: your daughter will always be with you x

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Hi Steve,
Butterflies are a very significant sign from the other side. I too have had lots of incidences with butterflies since I lost my dad 2 and a half years ago. I truly believe that this is a sign and I certainly don’t believe that this is merely something you are using to make yourself feel better.
As I said in my earlier post I won’t impose my beliefs on anyone but immmore than happy to talk to any that would like to know or understand more. The one thing I will say is that once you open your mind signs are everywhere. Your darling daughter will be beside you always. Leanne x


Hi AJS0912
Since I lost my lovely husband on 15th March ,I have had many signs,on our first wedding anniversary since he passed,i got a special message,a Robin flew along side me ,when walking the dog,and stopped beside me ,and turned to show me it was there ,it was just like the Robin was sent to me,it just sat and stared,and I feel tingles on my head a lot,when I visit the grave ,sometimes there is a robin sitting on a headstone,feels like it is watching,there are other signs I have felt are from my loved ones,it brings some comfort when I sense or feel them,i do have an open mind to everything spiritual,and the signs leave me feeling more peaceful for the day.I keep asking for signs sometimes,i read you not suppost to ask ,just notice,but it is hard not to want more when you miss them so much.

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It wasn’t so much comforting but more of a release from that horrible shivery dreadful feeling. Your reply however has been comforting. Thank you.

Thank you Leanne. I think I understand the spiritual significance of this now. It’s a bit like when you “know” something is going to occur or has occurred be it bad or good. Often it is just a feeling. Sometimes it’s a calling. Sometimes it’s a sign. I have experienced this phenomena in the past but all too often tried to rationalise it rather than acknowledge it for what it is and act accordingly. For that I do not harbour regrets but realise that things might have had a different outcome if I had “listened”. I would be interested in talking more with you on this subject because I think it would be a positive thing to do.

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Hi Robins, contrary to popular belief it is actually okay to ask. Just keep an open mind as signs won’t always hit you in the face so to speak but if you are open to them they are actually everywhere.
Sometimes I use a buzz word so that spirit knows exactly what it is I want. That way you are more open and they know how to reach you. For instance you could say “I know that you are there watching over me. Please could you send me a sign that reminds you of our wedding day” or even something totally unrelated such as “I’m thinking about dolphins today, please send me a sign to show me that you are there”.
The less complicated it it is the easier it is for them to communicate. Plus once they know that you have opened your heart and mind to them the signs will become more apparent and easier to recognise and much more frequent. They can hear us, just talk as you would have done in life. They will respond. Big hugs my lovely x

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Hi Steve, you are more than welcome. Listening and seeing are the real buzz words when considering communication from the other side in any form. I am more than happy to talk with you more about this and answer any questions you may have.
You are right not to regret as that won’t change or help anything. However in realising that things could have been different it shows that you are open to the spirit world which makes it easier for them. Sometimes the simplest of things are the biggest of signs and I feel we all often ‘miss out’ by rationalising with ourself a rather than seeing and believing it just as it is. X

Hi all. I lost my dad over a year ago and still struggle each day. I wish my dad could give me a sign. At least I would then get some comfort. I miss him so much and can’t be he is no longer with me. Take care all x

Hi, yes have had things happen that you can’t explain but feel very comforting. The one got me a little worried happened yesterday and I still don’t know if is real. I smelt my dads pipe smoke, it is long time since he went but that smell seemed real and I was at home, so no outside influences. Wait and see, just me losing it.

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That’s another extremely common and significant sign Susie. Perfumes/aftershaves that we’re worn, pipe, cigarette smoke, favourite flowers etc. Smell is a main sense that they use as it’s not so easily explained away and doesn’t leave you thinking that your eyes are playing tricks on you.
Joey, I know exactly how you are feeling. It’s been 2 and a half years since I lost my dad and I’m grieving worse now than I was in the beginning. It seems that the more time that passes the more it breaks me.
I’m certain that your dad is with you and is trying to communicate in some way. The thing is many people expect to see their loved one or to receive signs that literally jump out at them like a warning flare but sadly that just isn’t the case. Signs are often subtle such as with those who have mentioned butterflies, robins etc and of course familiar aromas as susie has mentioned.
You are allowed to ask the spirit world for signs as I mentioned in an earlier reply. Just keep it simple but meaningful so that you know it when it happens. You can’t expect them to move mountains so to speak. A simple question would be something such as “I know that you are with me Dad, can you please send me a sign that is meaningful to us both in order to comfort and reassure me?” It is okay to do this however, once asked you must not fixate on it and let it control you or your veryday life. Just relax, go about your day as usual but just be that little bit more aware. The signs are there you just have to open yourself to them and once you do see them you will discover that signs are everywhere. Fixating on the fact that you have asked will cause distress and unnecessary hurt as you will make yourself believe that you have been ignored or that your loved one doesn’t care enough when this genuinely isn’t the case. It’s more likely that you have failed (not the best term) to recognise or notice it when it occurred or you have brushed it off as your mind playing tricks on you or was much to simple an occurrence to be the ‘sign’ you are longing for. Also by driving yourself crazy with the ‘was that it? Or that, that?’ mindset will only serve to block signs and messages that spirit is trying to convey.
I feel as though I should explain a little about myself and why it is that I seem to have so much ‘knowledge’ and/or so may opinions when it comes to the subject of the spirit world and the way it works.
I have always been fascinated by the spirit world and all elements of mediumship such as tarot/angel card, divination, psychometry etc. I was once told during a tarot reading that it would one day become my path to follow but not at that time, that I would know when the time was right. That was over 20 years ago and in all fairness although I’d never forgotten it I had pushed it to the back of my mind and life got in the way. Then about 6 years ago I had a spirit reading from a fantastic medium named Jacqui who went on to become one of my most trusted and close friends. We regularly discussed mediumship of course and She suggested that I attend development classes for beginners. However she no longer offered these classes due to her full time work commitments as a medium but gave me the details of another lady who was about to start classes with a new group. I was already friends with the lady mentioned but it just didn’t feel right. I felt so strongly inside that Jacqui was the only mentor I was meant to have. I can’t explain this feeling or why it was so strong but as she no longer mentored people I again pushed it aside and got on with life. I’m not sure what happened but from the minute I turned down the opportunity of being mentored by someone else I began to notice more and more and my intuition or gut instinct as we more commonly call it got much stronger.
About three years later, completely out of the blue Jacqui announced that she was going to start mentoring again for a small group of people. It was then I knew that it was ‘time’ I’ve regularly been attending full day development sessions alongside 6 more amazing people. We have become a very well connected and close knit group as time has gone on. I am in no way claiming to be an expert and I know that I have years and years ahead of me to gain jacquis level level of knowledge and ability but I can say that the things I’ve learned so far have been amazing and the things I’ve been able to do/tell people (even complete strangers) has and continues to completely blow me away. As a group we have developed so so much and are continuing to do so and this amazing journey that I am on is not only fulfilling what the medium 20+ years ago told me but it is also giving me back a sense of direction and purpose whilst also helping me discover who it is I have become since losing my Dad. We all know that grief changes you and although Ive not completely found the new me I have at least found part.
So sorry for such a long winded post but just thought it right to explain a little (or a lot ha ha!) and show that I am not a know it all talking complete waffle ha ha!
I’m by no means an expert and do not class myself as a medium, psychic or whichever term people choose to use but I will always try to help if I can even if it only provides comfort and/or reassurance.
And breathe!
Leanne xx


Hi leanne.

I would love nothing more than to have a sign from my dad. I would get so much comfort if this was to happen. I have said things in mind but nothing yet has happened. I find this so interesting and would give me comfort that this is not the end and there is something after. X

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Hi Joey, as I said earlier I’m sure there have been signs but grief and heartbreak make Our hearts and minds work differently and these signs often go unnoticed because of it. The signs can and often be so basic such as a your dad owning a blue car for example and then a blue car passing you in the street and really jumping out at you just as you were thinking of your dad. Would you really have noticed that blue car with so much clarity out of all of the cars on a busy street? Or would it normally have passed you by unnoticed? I once had a sign that was so simple from my dad, You usually write your name without really paying attention just as you always do with your signature as it’s so imprinted on your brain that you never really have to think about what you are writing. Your signature becomes an automatic series of movements as such. However, one day I was signing my name on autopilot as always only to look down once I’d finished to see that I’d signed my maiden name (my dads surname of course) I’ve been married for over 13 years and that was the first time I had ever signed my maiden name by mistake. Not even as a newlywed. My gut told me this was my dad just letting me know that he was there and the sheer randomness only served to confirm it.
I sincerely hope that you understand what I’m getting at and what I’m trying to explain? Don’t get sucked into the waiting game just slow your mind and let it come. It is therebyou just have to let it in. Big hugs, Leanne xx

Another example is my friend who tragically lost her young son. She uses buzz words to communicate. One particular day she simply told him to listen carefully and that the buzz word was dolphin. She then went about her daily routine doing what she had planned to get done that day which included popping into the local garden centre for som plants. As she was casually browsing the centre looking at what was on offer she turned the corner to come face to face with a pure white 8 ft tall statue of a dolphin! Xx

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Hi leanne
I have been wrapped up in so much grief and heartache. I miss my dad so much. Nothing is ever the same. I do believe that there is something after. I will try and use buzz words like you said and hope I do get a sign. I think I have been using to much energy on thinking of what my poor dad had to go through. He had alzheiemers was only 68. Diagnosed at the age of 55. His last moments were so heart breaking. They had to stop all his food and fluids and I had to watch him slowly be taken away from me. He was my world my hero and my best friend. Thank you for replying. Xx