Still birth baby boy

We lost our son June 02 2019. It really has effected me mentally but i hide my feelings well. I recently split with his mother as things are not working and tough. Trying to get back on my feet but its tough. Lifes tough. I also have a daughter 2 . And two sons 10 and 6

Hi Sam, you do sound as though you don’t know whether you are going or coming. Yes life is hard and tough but somehow we seem to get through it and by the way you say you put a brave face on it, tells me you know given time you will work it all out but just at present it’s all to much. It’s easy for me to sit here and say don’t worry you will get through it and come out stronger but I feel you have an inner strength that will see you right. A little girl and two older boys that need their father but even more so at present when the entire world is upside down to us older people, for them it must be very scary. What ever you do think of them and their future which will be shaped by your actions. Men don’t like talking about their feelings, it’s always been a taboo subject but recently it’s been in the news headlines and you seem to be the kind of person who needs to find someone to talk it through with. Is there anyone you know that would listen? Your brave face would need to find a dustbin for it to be dropped into. Think hard about your future and those around you that you love. Take time to sit and think. I do hope this may have helped just a little bit.
Blessings S

I went through something similar to yourself still finding it difficult I had a stillbirth in August. It was my first child a little girl. I still miss her nearly a year on sometimes it can be sheer torture. I know you’ll get through it and stay strong. As I try to do myself for my partner. You also have other children which is a blessing I know each of your children have a special place in your heart and you will get through it as a family

I think both of you should be proud of the way you admit that it hurts. When people think you have got yourself back to normal because of that brave face thing but deep down it’s not like that. Please admit to those around you that you still hurt and don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. Life at present isn’t easy for anyone but if you are suffering then it will get to much for you over the coming months. Take care.
Blessings S