The Queen

I watched some of the funeral and now the lying-in-state. A huge sadness rises up from deep inside and then I realise it’s the loss of my wife and her recent funeral that bothers me, not that of the Queen. I’m wondering is it affecting others in a similar way.


For me personally, the news coverage has been mega extensive and intrusive.
Live streaming hours & hours of watching people passing the queen lying in state. Who sees the need for it?

This firstly is someone’s mum & grandmother and the family aren’t getting the chance to accept their loss privately.

Being Scottish I felt Scotland did the queen proud but now let her go to Philip.

Apologies if anyone offended - not my intention.
G. X


I know exactly what you mean. Had a big wobble on Thursday when it was announced that she was poorly. Was anxious all day as it brought memories of what we were going through nearly a year ago. Although we are upset about the dear queen it also stirs up our grief of our loved ones. Xx


I so love what you say about your husband. I could have written that myself. We were lucky to be so loved.


Me too I feel the same. Although I am sad the queen has gone but she lived 30 years longer than my husband who died at 65. So yes for the family I’m sorry the same as anyone who has lost a family member but after all she was 96 and not going to live forever. That’s not me being harsh believe me but we’ve all been there and my heart goes out to everyone feeling this empty sad existence now we are without the person we love the most.

BIG hugs


I agree with you. We have all loss someone and our grief is raw. I’m sure we are all sad for the queen’s family but our grief is just as real and painful, big hugs to everyone, we need them.


I find we are relating to what the Royals are going through, I lost my sister 1 year ago and my Dad 4 weeks ago today and my first dog 2 months ago i had to put to sleep, I’m in tears alot and when I watch the Royal family my heart breaks for them


I feel the same as many of you.
@Ed9 I was sat with my sis-in-law when it was announced the Queen had passed. We both shed a tear but then I felt I was actually tearful for the recent loss of my husband not the the Queen passing, sad as it is. My first thought was at least she’s reunited with Philip now. No @Georgie15 you’re not being harsh. My husband too was only 65 when he passed suddenly, 96 would have been easier to accept as a long life lived. I feel the same about the news coverage @Grandma. Yes, we have lost our Queen, but my recent loss is more important to me. I don’t want to see a coffin being paraded on TV 24/7, it’s too raw for we who have lost our lives. Kind thoughts to you all x


While I do understand the interest and ceremony and rituals around the death of the Queen, I’m with you @JlovesR.
I don’t want to watch folk dressed all in black, sombre and dabbing eyes, discussing death and funerals.
It’s hard enough trying to manage your own grief without hours and hours of broadcasts showing other folks’s.
I know it’s history in the making and all that but sadly, for me it’s just not what I need right now but then I’m probably very odd as bereaved or not, I cannot ever imagine a time in my life when I would camp out overnight, to queue for many hours in order to spend 3 seconds standing in front of a coffin - no disrespect to the Queen.
@Grandma, Scotland most certainly did do her proud.


I have some agreement with the death of our Queen but I am so thankful to her for making my daughter show her grief after 3 years since her dad died.
Another daughter said I am so glad our grief was private and ours alone.
I had a good cry for my darling husband and felt sad but feel so lucky for the life I had with him without having to live the life she has.
I know we all have different opinions.
But I send love all people who are grieving X


My husband died two days before Easter this year and I am finding it too difficult to watch the news about the Queens passing as I am still in a state of painful disbelief and utter sadness and depression and not wanting to be here or go on I am in tears 80 percent of the day and I can’t eat or sleep. What is the point to life


I’m so sorry for your loss, having not lost a partner I can’t imagine what you are going through, having lost my younger sister last year was the most painful, sad time of my life so the thought of losing one of my children or my husband I can’t even try to imagine, take it hour by hour, don’t look to far into the future as that can be scary, I hope you have have family and friends around you to give you support and help you face life just now xx


Personally Ive taken all I can take of this “circus” -
Firstly the family have had no privacy. Straight into protocol.
Secondly, outdated , costly and what about climate change??

Looking at strangers queuing for hours - can someone explain what the point of it is? If I wanted to pay respect to anyone I’d want to do it privately.
I’ve been more emotional this week, like us all, after thinking I was inching forward.
Far too much to handle - sorry if I’ve upset any royal fans. (Actually I’m not sorry)
Feeling better after my rant.
If I get sent to the tower at least I will get peace.

Take care


It’s a lot for a lot of people, for me personally I take comfort in it, to be loved by so many when others have noone is such a blessing, I feel I can greive my Dad and sister instead of a time line then back to work and put on a brave face, I feel that seeing Charles and Anne’s faces, the sadness is a wake up call for so many of us who have been like this for years my heart breaks for the royals as they have duties to do during their grieving but the world is aware of that unlike us who have to just get on and it’s forgotten about by everyone but the loved ones. My only upset is hearing she died peacefully with her family, I’m so pleased she did and her son and daughter were with her but my Dad was found in his own blood alone on his bathroom floor, his hemorrhage started in the bedroom and he made his way to the bathroom, there will be so many of tortured in our minds of how our loved ones died and could of only hoped ours died this way at this age. It’s such a journey for each and everyone of us with our own emotions. Thoughts and prayers to everyone who is grieving, take care x


Well said @Grandma.
I’ve said before the coverage and repetition on TV is over the top. It’s only 4mth since my husband passed and it’s difficult enough already to find something ‘easy watching’ on TV which isn’t an upsetting theme, now we’re faced with this around the clock. Not just on the news either, popular live programs I’d usually watch they’re all dressed in black and discussing some aspect of the passing or mundane things like ‘how to make a snack the Queen used to enjoy’!!!. I like the Royal Family, admired the Queen, support the King and yes it’s an important time in our history but we’ve all faced losses which are more devastating to us than losing our Queen. TV should be a place to escape from our thoughts/empty living rooms for a while, not a painful reminder. This aside, I hope we can all find something to comfort us in the coming days. Take care x


I lost my mum two days ago aged just 66. Yesterday, my sister in law called my husband to tell him how she was in the queue to see the Queen. Told him all about it before asking how we were. Shame she didn’t catch the train to see my husband and two of our three children whilst I was with my dad.

Sorry - the Queen stuff is getting to me.

We were sat with my mum as she was dying in a hospice and couldn’t find a single programme on the TV that wasn’t showing the coffin and all the other fluff around it.

I feel sorry for the Royal family but I also lost my grandmother 6 weeks ago aged 94 (we haven’t had much luck). We were just grateful she’d had a long and happy life.

Sorry to be a moaning Minnie. Mother and grandmother loss is taking it’s toll x


Never apologize for how you feel.
Thinking of you.

Take care
G. X


@YummyMummyof3 sorry for your loses. My husband was only 65 when he suddenly passed recently.
There doesn’t seem to have been any thought as to how this constant coverage may affect the numerous number of people who are recently bereaved, grieving or facing as imminent loss.
Sending kind thoughts to you x


I am in the same as position as you all grieving for my darling husband… the TV turns off but I can’t.
Don’t have the TV on if you are finding it too difficult… it will be all over next week.
Thinking of you all. X


The point to this site is so that we can politely vent and rant and let of steam to people who understand what we are going through there is no need for apologies