To move or not to move

I’m beginning to feel as you do, why put myself through yet more stress. That’s why I’d like a fairy with a wand to let it all happen with no problems. but it’s not going to happen like that is it.
I too have a small cosy house which I don’t dislike but I have wanted to move for so many years I can’t accept that I might just decide to stay put after all.
I have smiled at your words “Paint rooms in the colours that you like”. I love colour but Brian was a magnolia person, so to speak. And as I kept hoping that we would sell and it seems that rooms have to be in neutral colours nowadays (according to the programmes on TV) so I painted the rooms neutral (well almost) just in case Brian changed his mind and agreed to sell. If I keep this house I can go crazy with the paint pots now. Bright colours everywhere. Bliss.



I sense a Picasso in the making Pat ☆

My rooms were all neutral colours, though my lovely partner was a painter he loved colour on the canvas not on the walls.
No more!
Have just started a Wedgewood blue spare bedroom and I love it!
Bring on the colours, the brighter the better.
No more neutral for me!


How strange, Brian was also a painter and his paintings are so colourful except for the snow scenes which he particularly liked doing. People have commented about this as I have his painting all over the house, you can hardly miss them. But he had no imagination when it came to house decorating and clothes. He purchased so many clothes in the same dark colours when he asked me if I liked something he was wearing I had no idea if it was new or not. I like colourful clothes and when I wore anything red he would tell me not to open my mouth as someone would post a letter in it. When I wore yellow he said I looked like a banana or a canary, and if striped I was a deckchair.
I have wedgewood blue on two walls in my bedroom now, love it. Yes, agree the brighter the better. Yellow a favourite of mine, I even have a little yellow car with a black strip across it. Brian was appalled at the time of purchase but got used to it, he said how can you park a car that colour down our road??? At least you can see it in a supermarket carpark, saves me time trying to remember where the car is.
Pity we can’t show each other our handy work.

Pat xxx

Hah, not sure about that, probably have more paint on me than the walls. I wear a pair of Brian’s overalls and they are three sizes too big which is probably for the best.
Going to get out the paint charts and find the brightest colours I can. Rendering on the outside of the house to be painted (when it stops raining), yellow. (matches my car outside and easy when directing anyone to the house, no other yellow house in the road. That’s my excuse anyway!!!
Pat xx

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The more colour the better as far as I’m concerned.
Just finished sewing new cushion covers and wow what a splash of colour and difference just doing that makes!
Spoke to a man in the fabric shop who told me he’s fed up of making grey furnishings for young people, seems to be a trend.
So happy now I’ve decided to stay here, no need to feel guilty about leaving the place he loved, can look with admiration at all he did but it’s also now becoming cheery with colour instead of beige!


Know what you mean, grey and beige seem to be all the rage these days. I saw a large mat in a carpet shop today and it has about ten different colours in it. I love it, Came home measured the floor space and, guess what, it will fit. So back to town next week to buy it. Expensive but who cares. I purchased an equally bright mat for the dining room and when I chose it I thought that Brian would hate it but amazingly he actually liked it. Or was he just humouring me.
Our kitchen is the usual white units and black worktop so I have painted the walls yellow and red. Yet still more colour to come, get rid of magnolia walls up the stairs. Only colour I won’t have is green.

Sounds brilliant.
What are the chances of finding something that colourful that is a perfect fit.
I think perhaps we go through so much grief that everything seems black and grey for a long time. Beige doesn’t help either!
I have found by introducing vibrant colours it makes this place come alive and suddenly shows my own personality and tastes, my own stamp on it, making me more positive about the future and staying here.
The paintings and wonderful photographs of my partner look better too, it sets them off with a lovely backdrop of colour.
Colour definately lightens the mood.
Perhaps that’s just me though.
My paintbrushes are down to stubs!
Away with the neutrals and bring on the colour!
Good for you Pat!


Hi there my wife Jane who passed away last November said she wanted the downstairs loo papered with a vibrant paper l have done it with a pale pink flowered foil type that she bought a few years ago it seems to shine in the dark.
The cloakroom where she kept her cleaning stuff polishes,vacuum etc she said before she passed away she would like it in pink too,I had some pink emulsion on the shelf bought from B&Q years ago on special offer to do a bathroom,well to call it sock you in the eye Barbie pink is an understatement if she had been here she would probably have said something like I’ll need sunglasses on when ever I go in,my answer would have been well you wanted it pink dear,hopefully she can see it now and smile.
Kind regards MM69

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What a lovely thing to do, I’m sure she would have been delighted at you completing what she wanted.
Looks like a few of us are busy with the brushes and colour!

pat, I felt the same about the Welsh slate fireplace Alan built, for years i badged him to take it out, he finally agreed in 2017 that we’d have it removed later the following year when we were to have the lounge redecorated, as you know Alan passed away 19th May last year before any work had even been planned, now I cannot bear to have it removed, to how it remains, a fitting legacy to him, I don’t doubt you will do what feels right for you . there’s no hard and fast rules that state we have to carry out the desires we once had, so just go with your heart

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


We are soulmates when it comes to decorating. Need a new stair carpet now with bright walls to make a statement when coming through the front door. I don’t think Brian was impressed with my changes to his house when we married. Everything was typically a man thing, so dull, spotlessly clean but dull. I asked if I could decorate his house to make it feel more like my home. He agreed but had nothing to do with it. I don’t think he was amused when I got started. Coloured walls, flower arrangements, lamps, ornaments, bright pillows, fancy net curtains and as we went on holiday I brought back colourful jugs and plates that hopefully had been made by hand, they are all on bookcases and a reminder of past holidays. My dining room is more cottagy as not keen on the modern decor much. Dressers, again covered in plates, cups and jugs, pictures, shelving, coloured pillows. bright rug on floor boards. Brian seemed to accept my style. Anything to keep the peace I fear. As soon as he smelled paint in the house he would stand perfectly still and ask where it was safe to go. He moaned continually until his workmates told him how lucky he was to have a wife that did all the decorating.
I too have wonderful photographs in frames of him all over the house. usually with a lamp by the side so that I can light him up. I am always searching charity shops for lamps, so many all over the house, love them. We can please ourselves now but I would willingly live in a tent if I could have him back.
Pat xxx

Hi MM, I too had a thing about pink, this was a few years ago, so not so bad now. When I married Brian I painted most of the rooms in some shade of pink and even the rendering on the outside of the house (Only the bay windows) was pink much to Brian’s horror when he saw it. I told him I wanted a pink cottage and as I couldn’t have that I was having the next best thing. I still have some pink around as I had pink shades on the lamps so have had to blend them into a suitable colour scheme.
I noticed you’ve put these bright colours in the loo and cupboard. That’s cheating. Come on, now get some bright colours where it can be seen.

Hi Pat we have always been colourful our dinning room as.a poppy patterned paper at the top and pale pink at the bottom she was mad on poppy items from Dunelm mill be it roller blinds in the kitchen,knives and forks cutlery,mugs ,place mats even the teapot and plastic table cloth to protect pine table and of course items she didn’t like things had to be bright red like the bread bin,pasta container,kitchen roll holder all poppy red the kitchen is black tiles at the bottom white at the top so can’t alter that.
Stairs are bright yellow with light grey flowers even on dull days looks like sunshine in hall and landing .
Like you Jane liked her dressers full of china she collected Wedgewood Jasperware ,Beswick animals ,Lilliput houses plus any china or glassware to do with the Royal family,niece said to me its not my kind of thing collecting this lot Jane like her possessions round her I thought that’s ok everything is left to charity if anything happens to me (we had no children) so you and nephew won’t have to have it Sod em.
So keep painting I can imagine you brush in one hand colour chart in the other.
Best wishes MM69

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Yes, like all of us on here I would have my partner back in a heartbeat!
Have been through all the would have, should have, could have and with hindsight there were many things I would have done differently.
Though as is often said, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Now all I can do is make the best of things.
That means brightening my surroundings.
Make things as cheery as possible.
Banish the beige!
So bring on colour, colour and yet more colour!

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Wow, sound lovely, I hope you will be keeping your bright and lovely house just the same. I know what you mean about relatives. My daughter and her partner commented on all the plates, jugs, cups in my rooms and having to wash them, but I love doing this. I have a day about a couple of times a year and everything get’s a good clean and I love putting them all back in place, nicely shining.
Yes I have white and black kitchen tiles but they are random, it was what Brian wanted. I always did the tiling but on this occasion Brian asked if he could have a go. I started him off and away he went and made such a good job of it I can’t bear the thought of changing them, that’s why I painted the walls bright colours and it does work. I think so anyway and that’s all that matters.
Thanks for the kind thought of me with a brush in my hand, I must admit it was Brian’s worst nightmare. If I started looking around a room he became very nervy, he knew that look in my eye.!!! and what was coming.
Pat xxx

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