Trouble Sleeping

Since mum died I’m having trouble sleeping, I wake up around 2 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. Does anyone have any recommendations for insomnia? Thanks x

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Reading helps me fall back to sleep.

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Hello @Victoria22,

You might find this article on our Grief Guide helpful:

I hope you get some sleep soon :blue_heart:


The Nytol tablets recommended by my local pharmacist didn’t work. I’ve just joined a gym, hopefully that will help.

Going to the gym hasn’t helped either, now I just feel like a member of the walking dead. I’ll keep going to the gym as I need to get fit.

Exercising just before going to bed is actually not good for sleep!

Hope the photo upload works.
This gives some of the pointers to bad sleep.

It is also totally understandable that you are not sleeping welll at the moment.

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GP prescribed sleeping pills, tried for 3 nights so far with mixed results. Took last night off the pills as wanted some wine so back to not much sleep. Will start the sleeping pills again tomorrow.


Hopefully your GP has told you that you shouldn’t be taking Sleeping tablets every night! As they can become addictive!
Usual advice is every other night or take for 2 nights then don’t take on the 3rd!
If your GP hasn’t given this advice I would check in with your Pharmacy or Surgery.

Take care

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Thanks, GP did say that, he only gave me 2 weeks supply and said only use when needed. I won’t take them tonight either as have to take one of my cats to the vets early in the morning. x

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