Pattidot I’ve been thinking of you for days now. I’ve turned my hand to this gardening malarkey. I’m doing it because my husband always had the garden so nice and with that thought in mind I feel I should put the effort in. I don’t use the word effort lightly. I complimented him often as I sat there watching him and topping up my tan. Now I am the one on my hands and knees whilst he is likely sat watching me, topping up his cider :slight_smile: What goes around comes around hey!

Pattidot, I’m weeding, weeding and weeding some more. I’m desperately looking for the pleasure. Where on earth is it. I wish you lived nearer I’d love for you to show me! I’m damned if I can find anything that resembles pleasure. I actually can’t stop laughing right now at this whole sorry mess. With or without bloody weeds…:slight_smile: x

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You have put a big smile on my face. I can imagine you on your hands and knees, cussing and blinding and blaming me for telling you it’s therapeutic. You are missing the point. When you have finished weeding and stand back and take a good look, then you should get a feeling of accomplishment and like the new tidy look. Keep on top of the weeding and then it should get easier, that’s the secret. Try getting yourself a hoe, that hooks out the weeds and then you won’t need to get on hands and knee’s and use it regularly, just a few minutes here and there. I now have a huge area to look after. I inspect it regularly and woe betide any weed that dares to come near my plots. I must be doing something right as everyone that walks past makes a comment about how tidy and up together it is. Sometimes while I work I cry as well, I want Brian to be pleased with my efforts. I want him next to me. By the way I had to do some repairs to the cages (that cover the veg). I used some of Brian’s tools, the ones you have to charge up (no electric at allotment). It was bodge job but they held together so that was good enough. Never done anything like this before. I bet Brian was horrified!!!
Go for it and make your husband proud then sit back and top up your tan.
Pat xxxx

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Thanks Pat for those inspirational words. I did stand back. It took me about 20 minutes to get up and do that though, My back remained in the arched position :slight_smile: I have now completed the front and you’re right, I felt good because it looks good. I actually feel quite smug right now!

The back garden is about 4 times the size of the front though and I know last summer my husband didn’t get it done as thoroughly as he always had before hence the additional weeds but, that’s OK. I WILL do him proud and I will get it done. I’ve set myself a target of completion by the end of May. Little and often being my planned way forward. As for the tan…I won’t cast a clout ‘til the weeds are out!!!

Thank you for the encouragement :slight_smile: x

You would be surprised how much of a tan you get when gardening. I get a quicker tan than when we went to the Med. Now that should be an incentive. Little and often is the way, don’t forget that hoe though it will help your poor old back. Another thing to help is a stool for gardeners, you can either sit on them or kneel and hold the sides to help you get up. Brian had one to help him and then bought me one, well worth it. Brian couldn’t do his allotment too well either last year. I cry now when I remember how he struggled but insisted on doing things himself. I used to go there early in the morning and do his watering and weeding, he thought he wasn’t getting many weeds. I helped him to plant his veg, pretending that I had nothing to do and could I help him. I didn’t want him to think I was interfering or make him feel useless. If I tried to help him when he struggled he would become annoyed. I am convinced that allotment kept him going. He loved it. Pat xxxx

Yes I think I spent most of the time crying myself. Remembering all the times in previous years we had spent in the garden. Oblivious of the future really. Just enjoying all that we did and all that we had without a care in the world. I always appreciated all of it but since January I realise I didn’t appreciate it enough and I appreciate it much more now. I guess that is life and most of us feel the same. I used his kneeler though. He has one of those. I agree they’re good. When my Mum died I brought it for him from her garage. It has memories of my Dad using it too. Who’d have thought I’d get my turn using it. Life never stops surprising us does it. Love to you x

I always found that weeding made me cry but recently I decided it would be best to give up. As we know, our atoms are recycled when we die and, maybe I’m being over cautious, but it’s just possible that some of those atoms become weeds.
There are a lot of lambs in the surrounding fields and I’ve taken to talking to them, just in case.

Shut up YorkshireLad. I wish this forum allowed us to use emojis. I’d be posting an eye roll on this one :slight_smile: You’ll find an excuse to refrain from doing anything that you don’t enjoy. Atoms turning into weeds is another perfect example. Glad to hear you’re talking to the lambs in the field rather than when they’re covered in mint sauce…! You’re so funny!!!

It’s a good job I’m thick skinned. Probably down to more and better atoms. It’s not just weeds or lambs, or us, it’s white feathers, Robins et al. All made of atoms.
When my wife died her atoms will have been recycled. I rescued a spider from the bath the other day, and then it tried again. I knew a man who was a Buddhist and he went to great lengths to avoid walking on ants.

I knew a man (well sort of knew him) who was thick skinned and from Yorkshire. He went to great lengths to avoid weeding his garden :slight_smile:

I rest my case m’lud

Ha, ha! You lot are really making me smile this morning. What a tonic you are…xx

Me to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me laugh out loud.
Now YorkshireLad, get out into the garden and do as Kate has done and make an effort.
Have a good day to you all. Pat xxxx

Someone mentioned emojis - I wish we had emojis…

Just a remote controlled hoe would do me.
Emojis sounds like it could be painful… is it curable?

Another eye roll emoji coming right up…

Ermmm excuse me, Pat but it’s me who has made an effort in the garden not Kate. Although Kate is very welcome to come and join me. In fact, you’re all welcome. I’ll even share my kneeler. I’m cringing, can’t believe I just called it ‘my kneeler’. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse I’m now spending it weeding with my very own kneeler. Give me strength…:slight_smile: x

Drat? I was going to let Pat carry on thinking it was me toiling away…ha,ha!

I’m hoping to qualify for a kneeler in a few years.

They’re not a prescription item, YorkshireLad. You’ve to buy them with your hard earned cash! That’s when you’ll need the prescription. For the pain caused when removing your wallet :)))

I prefer a long handled hoe with a narrow blade. Mine is an antique and I remember my grandfather using it. I borrowed it from my aunt and then she died before I got chance to return it. I’ve not declared it to the executor.
The great thing is my productivity has gone up to two dandelions per hour.
Maybe you could post a selfie of you on the kneeler. I’m not sure I have the elegance to carry it off. I promise I wouldn’t laugh…I’ve just bit through my lip.