Weekends are so hard.

When it comes let it flow. Hard to understand mine, feel guilty getting on with sorting our house sorting husband’s things etc people try to get me to rest , be still, be me… etc, I never stop, go walks, started running etc when I do cry, doesn’t come as often as I’d like, it can be strangulating, !! Lumps in throat etc :cold_sweat: I find the NHS 24 hour phone line amazing :two_hearts:

I lost my wife Frances end may. The initial shock I think has passed but every moment of the day things start me crying. The weekends are the worst days Saturdays are reasonable but Sundays are absolutely lonely my son and daughter both have their families and would invite me to join them. I do go but feel so out of place without Frances. The glue of the family has gone. I have never been a social person.

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Try going church on a Sunday, might help , welcoming social empathy x

Yeah right summers here :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved::rage: i still walk everyday need to physically & emotionally. Thurs frud sat nights suck, folk out for drinks or home having takeaways cudfled up watching film.
I try but as I posyed, cant see how to start conversation again wknds suck