We're all grieving

Like you I find it hard to be motivated. So much of the time I think what’s the point but I suppose we have to carry on or sink and I don’t want to do that


Small steps small steps forward Day by day week by week. Xx and most of all at your pace x

Yes I agree.


How very true. 2 years have passed since the love of my life passed after 55 years of marriage. I will never be the same happy person again


Do you have better days Liz? It’s only 6 weeks for me. We were together since I was 16 and I wonder what happiness I might have at some point.


I totally agree! I’ve lost my husband very suddenly 3.5 weeks ago, he was only 57 and I am 54. But it wouldn’t have mattered if we were 87 and 84! It’s your soul mate, 50% of your life partnership - gone, that’s what I’m grieving. Age doesn’t come in to it


This is so true, my husband died 13 weeks ago and he was 75. I’m 67 and we were second marriages.
You are right that people think well you’ve had your lives but their death is equally as valid as anyones.
In some respects it’s worse as friends and family can be fewer, particularly if you are no longer working.
We should all feel valued no matter what. x


Thoughts are with you all x

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I would like to add that we all grieve in our own way and at our own pace.

There will be many similarities but overall there will be a few differences.

So however you are trying to get through this and wherever you feel you are on this ‘journey’ (sorry couldn’t think of a better word), be kind to yourself.

Don’t put extra pressure on yourself, there’s more than enough on us already.

If you think you need help, reach out.

I know it isn’t always there but you can reach out on here.

Here endeth the lecture :wink::wink:

Big hugs and much love,

Rose xx


Well said :clap:


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Youre so right. This is the one place you’re not judged . A safe place.
Thanks to you all