What does everyone do on Sundays

Thankyou I really appreciate your response it has made me feel heeps better…
I have been exactly the same reading about everyone else journey makes me
Feel guilty for not crying everyday…
of course I miss him but I know he would want me to find some sort of happiness… he didn’t believe in spiritual stuff and believed we all only have one life…

Thankyou :slight_smile:

There is a profound saying : The length and depth of grieving isn’t a measure of how much we loved them.


Thankyou sometimes that’s exactly how I feel I did love him with all my heart and still do… there will never be another person who felt the way he felt about me and visa versa…
I appreciate that saying


Am I the first person to have celebrated a 52nd wedding anniversary with a bottle of beer made out of seaweed? I’m sure Penny would be shaking her head and tutting “whatever will he do next!”

I don’t know the answer to that, … Yet!


Lol … well thats unusual ! Never heard of that before beer made with seaweed !! Xxx

I read that as smoking weed after a dip in the sea lol
Hope you had some happy memories on your 52nd anniversary

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