Where are you all from?

Hello my names Emma I have four children 11,15,17, and 18 years of age I’ve just lost my husband to cancer two weeks ago I’m from south Devon

Hi Emma, I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. I’m in Somerset. Bun xx

I lost my husband 26 th November so I’m coming up to the first year with out him .
I from isle of Lewis

Hello Bun lovely to meet you xx

Hi Lily
I’m sorry for your loss I hope the first year has not been to painful xxxx

Hello Emma, lovely to meet you too. Thinking of you. Xx

Hello Emma
So sorry for your loss and hope that you and your children are getting through these early days by leaning on each other and just taking baby steps. Support varies from area to area but there is always someone on here who will help. I live in rural North Devon but I think all of the UK is represented here. Take care x

Hi hope u are ok I am from North Wales I lost my husband 3 months ago and have a 4 and 5 years old xx

Thank you for making me feel so welcome I’m sorry for all your losses it is so very unfair and I’m sending you all a hug xxx

I say to all the ladies on here I wish we could all transport to the same coffee shop once a week , no one understands better than us xxx


Oh my that would be absolutely perfect if we could do that!!! Yes this is very true no one understands unless you have been there xxx

Men drink coffee to, y’know.


Oh lol so sorry a special cappuccino for you xxx


Hi ladies and Edwin, it would be amazing to all get together for a coffee and it’s great to finally find people who understand grief and what it does to us. Being here and sharing support and love, that’s chicken soup for the soul…or maybe tomato soup if you’re a vegetarian :wink:

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Ah Edwin, pedantic semantics with spelling and grammar, I’m with you there haha

Emma, I really hope you have family and friends supporting you xx

It’s such a shame we all live so far away … I always have my better days when I have someone to talk to that understands…

I’m so sorry for your loss and your children so young. Love Bun xx

Thank you so much … I can’t lie I’m really scared to think ahead it’s a long road and unfortunately for me looks like it’s going to be a lonely one… I’m so lucky I have my babies they get me through every day…saying that there being a right pain now lol…xx