Where are you all from?

So sorry for your loss Lily. Love Bun xx

My mum died when I was expecting my eldest and their dad left when I was expecting our second child, it was a very scary time, I could only think of one day at a time but my babies got me through, even now they’re grown up they still help me stay strong and keep going, it doesn’t matter how old they are you’ll always be mum.
Do you have people around to comfort you and help? Xx

I do I have the best family ever and I’m so grateful for them xx but they don’t understand xxx

Hi …I have my dad I lost my mum to cancer two years ago … my friends are all married …sometimes I do feel really lonely…my little girl started school 6 weeks after my husband died …that’s why I didn’t work before .I have no choice but to find something now …so I feel lost during the day as well … everything really does feel so overwhelming…it’s hard my family say your young (37) and that I’ll move on …I was with my husband 10 years …I feel so bad for them that they have lost him so young …my little girl ask could she ring him in heaven …it’s so hard …but like u said there my strength…

Hi 4 nomore im originally from Bradford WestYorkshire since meeting my darling Denise i live in Sheffield South Yorkshire x

My wife was from Wyke in Bradford. I was from Swaledale. We set up home in Wharfedale and I still live there.

Hi Yorkshire lad i lived in wyke with my first wife

They’re all alike that come from Wyke. Not sure if there’s any truth in that old saying. I’m still in regular contact with several Wykers, friends that she grew up with. None of them live there now.

North Devon. 12 weeks lost fiancé. No easier than day one x

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Hi I’m from South Wales. Lost my mother’s partner (of 20 years) two weeks ago suddenly. Struggling to come to terms with the shock.

Hello everyone. I lost my husband very suddenly in June 2017. I’m from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Mine’s a good strong cup of tea please, milk no sugar! I’m partial to a scone too…
Sending love xx

Hi Kate, I’m in Somerset near the Devon border so near to some lovely cream teas, mines a well brewed cuppa with a good splosh of milk, no sugar, generally no sugar so I don’t really go in for scones, my weakness is savoury snacks, crisps and nuts!! Xx

P.s have you ever been to Three Shires head? My family are from Cheshire, my cousin used to live in Buxton, Derbyshire (near 3 shires head) if I remember correctly it’s where Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire meet (but I could be wrong), it’s a lovely spot, I used to take my kids every year when they were young. Xx

It’s such a shame we all live so far away from each other…

Hi everyone. North Lincolnshire. That Coffee shop sounds good, though I like the sound of Devonshire cream teas too!!

No never been to three shires head - I must look it up and put it on my list of places to visit. Thanks for mentioning it.
We seem to be scattered all over the country, don’t we? Still, interesting to know where each of us is from. Love to you all xx

Hello everyone, I’m not actually an Iced Bun, I’m a Jules xxxx

Ah I’ve just looked up 3 shires head, it’s not Shropshire, it’s Staffordshire, if you’re anywhere near Buxton, worth a visit…

Hi Jules. Yes I looked it up too. Looks fabulous. Already spoken to a friend about a visit. Xx

Excellent, glad to hear. It’s bringing back some lovely memories for me, I’m sure you’ll have some lovely memories too. Take care, love Jules xx

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