Why does no one care

Why is it the more you care the more you get hurt. This is how it is with my family and friends, that they are not here for me.

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I feel ya. Give and give to not get much back at all. I feel the more time goes by, the more you’re stuck in grief and you have to watch everyone else just get on with life. Time is making it harder.

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Maybe this is just how life is, but it shouldn’t be, one thing though it’s made me stronger x

I totally understand what you mean, I too feel like I’m doing all the giving and when it boils down to it I’m still here on my own and feeling lonely. It’s like others will only give so much and no more


I feel like this too, I lost my mum in January and feel so alone, no one as asked me how I am or anything. It’s like everyone’s life is back to normal and I’m alone and still grieving

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Sadly that is how it is for most of us and often men get less attention than women.
I told an old friend how I really felt.last week and all I got was " think how awful your family would feel if you said that to them"
What about how I feel ? My whole life is in ruins
Nobody really cares that I can’t bear living without my husband .
All anyone wants me to do is " be normal "


My instant reply to them would be ‘what isn’t normal about how I feel or how I’m acting?’
Such a rude response from someone who clearly just hasn’t gone through it. You’ve just lost your best friend, you’re entitled to do whatever brings you comfort.


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Too many self centred and selfish people in this world. This group is the only thing that helps me xx