Would you like to have a bereavement cafe on the community?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask your thoughts on a potential new idea for the community.

Bereavement cafes are usually run in person or virtually, and it’s a space where people can meet up in a cafe and support each other. The idea for the community, is to post a weekly topic, in a similar style to a bereavement cafe, where you can chat online at a set time each week in this topic and get support from each other. It would be text based through the online community and moderated by a volunteer or staff member who will also be there to offer support.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea and if this is something you’d like to have on the community. Feel free to vote on the poll below or comment below any thoughts :slight_smile:

Would you like to have a bereavement cafe on the community?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m not sure

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Thank you everyone for voting on this poll, it’s really great to have so many of you involved. It looks like the majority of you are keen for this space on the community and it would be great to plan the next step with you all.

I’ve created another poll below about the time the cafe could run as a topic in the General Chat area. Let me know what time you would prefer this to happen. If you have any ideas for a name of the Online Bereavement Cafe area, feel free to comment below too.

What time would you like the online bereavement cafe to run?
  • Weekday (10am-11.30am)
  • Weekday (11.30am-1pm)
  • Weekday (2pm-3.30pm)
  • Weekday (3.30pm-5pm)

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