You're forever in my heart

For all you were to me in life and all the joy you brought your memory is with me in every single thought the pain I felt at losing you will never go away but knowing that you’re in my heart helps me through each day when you were here I always felt that nothing could go wrong but you’re still my inspiration and your memory keeps me strong and though my heart is heavy its also full of love and that’s enough to comfort me while you’re in heaven above


A neighbour told me I was “being very brave” as I was out.
My reply was - what’s the alternative?
Life will never ever be the same - and until someone walks in your shoes then they don’t fully understand.
Losing a parent is hard but golly - a partner is monumental


@Kath23 hi kath I agree with you I lost my mum when I was 13 and it hurt like hell and I lost my dad when I was 34 but losing pauline it’s broken my heart and me and the only people who understand are those who have been through it or going through it sending hugs x


I recently learned I was to be a grandparent again - my hubby would have been chuffed - I’m hoping he knows.
Sending hugs back and take comfort from your memories.

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Casey I just realised that your beautiful words are actually a poem! Did you write that yourself Casey? If you did then you certainly have an hidden talent. Please use it as you certainly know how to put your thoughts into writing.
Love and hugs.x

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Exactly how I feel !!!

@Kath23 hi kath I’m sure he knows and I do try to take comfort from our memories but they also hurt knowing we can’t make anymore together but I do cherish the ones we made x

@Angiejo2 hi angiejo no I didn’t write it I found it online the I think of you that I put up the other week I wrote my grief counsellor said I have a way with words I read her something that I wrote for pauline she said it was beautiful

@Diane08 hi Diane I am so very sorry for your loss

Hi Casey
Loved the poem , it comes from your heart and says?exactly what you feel and believe
Thank you for sharing it .

I rarely post on here now , because I no longer have much to says, that I haven’t already repeated ??

Mr chipps the poet man

@Mr-chipps hello thankyou but I didn’t write it I found it online I’m not good with poetry you should post I always read your post and I find they give hope that one day hopefully I might manage this grief journey better and maybe one day be able to live again instead of just existing sending hugs x

Hi the poem was beautiful I still miss my husband 3 years nearly since he died it will be his birthday on Monday a very difficult day to get through I miss him so much every day is a struggle but you have to keep going for your children sake but I find it so hard

@Mazza hi I am so sorry for the loss of your husband I will be thinking of you on Monday take care sending hugs x

Casey 1 wonderful very comforting and well wrotexx

@Florence hello and thankyou but I didn’t write it I found it online and thought it was touching and comforting and it said so much of what I would love to say to pauline x

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