Best ways to cope with loss of mother

That’s so true, the hard jobs we have make us more resilient- also when we end up in a job we do like, we appreciate it even more because we’ve worked jobs we hated. That’s scary reading about the metal sheets, my boyfriend works in a similar sort of job by the sounds of it, he often gets metal in his eyes or other scrapes and such. But he enjoys the type of work he does, to each their own.
Amy x

Mum is a little better today , the sun is shining . It helps a lot . I did a
Few things at the allotment yesterday .
Picked some Brussels and covered the rhubarb over . There’s not much left to eat now and I have to think about setting seeds for spring .
How is your windows washer .
I’ve also bought an air fryer so will try that out today . Keep My mind off things . Will read and watch some tv too …
It’s nice not to be at work and
Not rushing about x

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It feels really surreal .
I agree with that . Just can’t quite believe it some days .
So glad I can come on here and connect with people who understand .
I’ve been taking a Herb called ashwaghanda . It seems to be helping me sleep as I waking up a lot in the night … it’s good for anxiety as well . I’m also going to get some berroca.
Hope you are all as well as can be today . X

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Hello Laura, glad to know your mum is improving.
Time to go forth with rake, bullhook spade and shovel on your dads allotment
and may your endeavers go unnoticed not!.
The world is your oyster, you can grow sun flowers, roses, veg, what ever as long as its legal.
After 7 hours work in the freezing cold I met with success, all washers working!, I had to cut out a section of the plastic bumper to gain access the the equipment, taped it all back for now, but post mot turn it into an access hatch.
Air fryers are a brilliant idea and the way forward, is yours a Ninger?, mine is a very basic one with minimal electronics and a mechanical timer, mine is an Econo, the motor burnt out because it got to hot so I cannibalised the motor from another, reengineered it so more heat is actually kept in the cooking space and it has been fine since, my engineering is often rough and ready but invariably works and is safe.
Remember to give your mum some berroca to, I take it with cranberry juice but most things will do(might make a nice milk shake?)
Read and watch tv sounds a good idea, I find classic FM lifts my spirits and I am listening to it as I type.

Wishing you all the best with your grief counselling, non of us are out of the woods and we may all need it in time, grief keeps tapping us on the shoulder like the grim reaper.

Keep a close eye on your mum and watch out for behaviour changes and sighs of depression.

Blessings to you all.


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Hi how are you today Tim ?

Very cold over here . Maybe some snow this week .
My son had a rugby match today and won so he was pleased .
Yes it’s a ninja air fryer I am really pleased with it so far .
Good that you got your car fixed . Stay warm !


Hi Laura and how are you?

Congratulations to your son on his win, he is braver then me in this weather.
Is your mom still ok and any brighter?
Try to stay warm dare say you are at work tomorrow.

Trying to start a cleaning business and reading up how to do it.(probably wate until the spring)
My knees are playing up and 7 hours out in the cold fixing my car yesterday did not help them, you say bad knees are part of your family?, hope yours are ok.


Hi Charyll, how are you ton ight and what is your ajenda?, its a while since you posted, are you ok?.

Timxx :smiley:

Hi Jess, we are all thinking of you at this very difficult time :persevere:

I am sorry to say there is very little we can do for you other then pray and keep you in are thoughts.

Does your partner have any ideas and what is his occupation?.

You never know, the tragic incident at work may bring changes for the better, but a death is a terrible price to pay.

I have been there tapped in a job I hated that I could not see a way out of, then it happened, my health gave out leaving me with chronic fatigue, an injured neck and late onset asmer, my immune system had collapsed and was ill for 18 months.

Bless you Jess, let us know how you get on, I think you could do with some counselling at the moment as well, but you should not have to lift things that are to heavy for you, that is breach of health and safety at work and can cause you permanent injury, and while people in the fire service have to be able to carry a 12 stone dummy for 100 yards they train to do it, that is way beyond you, and you should not be expected to. :heart:

Blessings to you, partner and fur babies.


It didn’t happen where I am working now. It happened in the place that I left. She used to work where I went back to though that’s how I knew her enough for it to affect me to some degree.

As for my job I am looking into changing but I am going to have a good think about what it is I’d actually like to do because I don’t want to end up in the same position as I was the last time. My plan is not to return the second time round if I can help it lol

Keeping your options open is a good idea, about your friend who might be offering you an office job?, anything on that front.

Keep your pecker up, hope you have a good day, watch out for ice under foot and wrap up well if you go out.


Hey Tim just more bad news I can’t cope with it I just close off feel numb
My aunty liver wasn’t working properly she ended up in hospital the pain just shop straight through me I can’t loose her as well it made me think of me mam the doctor told her she was on the boarder line 9 months later me mam died

Yes my Dad had both knees replaced and me and my brother have achey creaky knees . Manageable though .
More so in winter . I used to play netball but had to give up it was just too much jumping around !
How’s things today . Sun is out here but very cold x

Hi Charyll, so sorry about your ant, but apparently one of the latest treatments for a liver complaint is Charcoal tablets, apparently it is a special kind of activated charcoal(used in subs to remove carbon dioxide from the air) so perhaps they can put her on those and it would do no harm to mention it.
I know it is easy for me to say but try to stay optimistic.
Its cold,but the sun is shining and when I went to Kendal today it was lovely to feel its warmth, the promise of the spring!!.
Post more regularly, we are a friendly bunch on this site and all are welcome.

Blessings to you and enjoy your day.


I’m painting rocks today got a set to design for the garden I’m doing something in the garden for me mam as she loved sitting outside hopefully positive news is coming I’m keeping everything crossed thank you so much Tim for the message it brightons up my day

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Hi Laura, hope you are well.
Sunny but very cold in the north, been to Kendal today to the bank, wearing two tracksuits with hoods, self heating socks, gloves and jacket, I know how to keep warm in winter!!
Car getting MOT tomorrow :persevere: hope it does not leave me feeling like a hole in the head :disappointed: will let you know.

Made contact with AmyC,she is putting a brave face on it but reading between the lines she is having a hard time poor lass is having to keep her job and look after her gran who lives away, who has ofcourse lost a daughter, while her younger sister is struggling to cope with her moms partner who is having mental health epesodes and self harming.

I have suggested to AmiC she move her gran to live with her for mutual support, if only for a month or two, or at least till the spring.

Hope your mum is better and on the Berocca and you need it to, forget the milk shaker idea it just congeals, put it in fruit juice, water or tea

Hope you can enjoy your day and you can spend some time on the allotment.

Blessings to all.


It sounds great Charyll, I am sure your rock garden will look fantastic, please post a picture when finished!!
Hopefully spring will soon be hear and we will be able to sit in the garden again.

Keep in contact.


I’m gonna transform everything and bring out the art side it’s very soothing

I started off with one then they grew and I had to re put them all

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Charyll, they look nice healthy plants, I think you have green fingers, you should message Laura, she has taken over her dads allotment.


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I give them to my neighbours I’ve grew 8 lots from that little plant in the chewing gum box
I need to start repotting now still got the flower to pot that I got off Louise who was in charge of me mams funeral arrangements I’m gonna wait til march now when the weather changes