Death of a Husband

Hi Suek

I am sorry for you loss my soul mate passed two months ago
He was given 2-3months however in passed within two weeks which sucks the day when he passed I literally felt my heart break into pieces.

Thank goodness you are apart of this safe forum where you can be yourself and we can all talk to each other about our feeing and support each other.

You are not alone❣


thank you for reply, how old was he ? my husband was 61, we had been married 41 yearsx

My husband was 63 we were married for 12years but we knew each other 12years prior to our marriage so in total I say 24years

aw bless you, like us you were robbed of retirement together. we had so many plans x


Your so right as we both had another 3years before retirement and had amazing plans around travel which when I am ready will be something I will do however on my own

i hope i can but not sure, i feel so lost on my own

I hear you about feeling lost on your own this is a personal challenge i have set for myself but not sure if I will really do it as the saying goes “never say never”

i realy feel for you too, were you together a long time, we had been married 41 years, my husband was only 61

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I’m also in same position my husband Paul was also 61 we would have been married 40 years July just gone been together 46 years feels like I have lost half of my body we lived as 1 person feel so lost and alone x

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it is awfull and so unfair isnt it, i still cant believe i will never see him again, it all happened so quickly i didnt have time to process it x

I was 60 when husband died tragically in road traffic accident last year. Would have been married 40 years next March. Although I know he is not coming back often find myself wondering how this could have happened, how everything could be taken from me. I only wanted to keep what I already had.

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Never apologize here. That’s what this site is all about. Venting and crying and expressing every emotion we are going through.


I know you just keep thinking I’m going to wake up from this nightmare , I also think his going to phone me later to go and collect him from the hospital if only x how are we going to carry on without them :sob:

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It is so awful and unfair its crazy they have been stolen from us at such a young age :pensive:

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Hi marycan, I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this , I lost my husband in July from oesophageal cancer,his had spread to his brain lymph nodes etc ,I get the feeling of being lost , I’m not sleeping as my head keeps running it all back, people say " at least he’s no longer suffering" and yes it’s true there’s no more pain etc , but the pain we have is overwhelming at times , I have 2 daughters at home so I try to be strong and not cry but sometimes I wonder can you die from a broken heart? Hugs hun xx

I am so sorry that you find yourself in the position where you need this site like the rest of us. There is broken heart syndrome where structural changes are found in those who are grieving. Even when these changes don’t occur, your heart just feels like a painful rock in your chest. Take it a breath at a time and keep posting here as people will support. Winston’s Wish is a useful website for children and may help you. Take care

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This is what I call a bitter sweet site to belong to. Bitter that you find yourself here but sweet that you have found us for support and understanding.
It goes without saying I am so sorry for your loss. The pain is very intense and truly felt, like a permanent heavy crushing sensation in your chest, that broken heart feeling.
We all feel it and I’m not sure if or when it begins to feel any different.

It surprises me that our bodies and heart are able to survive such punishment but I know we have to keep trying even when it’s the last thing we want to be doing.

Take care of you

Dee xx

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I so hear you I am still trying to process the whole thing my husband’s death was quick.

We were truly one body together and now half of me has gone wow its tough


My heart shattered in so many pieces I don’t know if it ever mend the pain is so much and at times unbearable for me life will never be the same​:sob::sob::sob:


What the Dr said to me will stay with me , she said it’s like I have to sacrifice our relationship for him to be at rest , tbh it’s true xx

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