Decided not to leave

Sorry for yesterday if I upset the forum but was hurt took it so hard.
Had said I would leave but cannot leave such people who have been so supportive of me.
Hope it is now water to nder the bridge and we can start to say our feelings and not hurt anybody.
Thanks Again
Take care


Hi Samella, glad you decided not to leave us :grin: you didn’t upset anyone. We are all sensitive due to the circumstances we find ourselves in so the slightest bit of negativity is magnified. Say exactly what you want as you have always done and if anyone upsets you again tell me and I will get Steph on the case :rofl::rofl: x

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Hi Samella,
I’m pleased you’re staying with the forum :blush:
We all help each other to get through the long days, so we don’t feel so alone in all of this. x
Thanks v :+1: :joy: x

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Why did you send that to me :rofl::rofl: x

:thinking::thinking: I think I might of done :joy: x

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See already I am causing chaos Ha Ha
Thankyou all I feel better about it now.

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That’s right Samella, it’s all your fault :rofl::rofl: x

I know at least I admit it.LOL
Well I don’t know where we all are but not stopped raining here all day.
Sunny Essex.

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I’m Essex too it’s been non stop x

Not another Essex Girl
Wait for all the jokes about Ess x Gros. X


Cannot even spell ,sent before ch checking,
Not my fault it is the I.Pad that’s my excuse.

Yes you’re right about the jokes lol, we do get a bad name :joy: x

White stilettos and fake tan :speak_no_evil:

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:joy: at least we get a summer and not constant snow :joy: x

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That’s true I did not have high heels as I am 5ft 10
Thank God for flats and wedges.
Fake Tan Yes.

:joy: definitely need fake tan x

I’m Essex too
What’s going on in Essex
I’m Waltham abbey

Not a lot like every where at the moment.
Lovely another Essex Girl.

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I am up here in my kilt and wellies chasing haggis round :joy: x


Yes we moved here and my husband loved it such a shame he has passed and I feel like he has been cheated of the life in the country side he loved

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