Grief is so exhausting

I feel your pain. My head is not in a good place today.

Your meds should settle soon, but talk to the nurse when you see her.

I just feel so low and rubbish mentally . Grief, depression & anxiety and not a good combination :cry::broken_heart:

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Exactly. It is so mentally draining :frowning: Ecen in work I’m not productive as I feel like I just sit there and daydream all day, I even managed to get a new job thinking that will help if I’m somewhere new, start afresh where no one knows my circumstances but I do t think it will it won’t bring my dad back, luckily I only work part time.


I’m with you! Lost my mum new year’s day. She was 83 and just passed away in her sleep. I know I should take comfort in that but it was so sudden I’d only seen her three hours before! She was my best friend. I’ve had to get meds off the doc as I thought I was having a panic attack. I also ended up with a horrendous head cold right after the funeral and I now think I have anxiety induced tinnitus due to stress! I’m so exhausted luckily I’m still off work can’t think about going back yet although sometimes I think the distraction may help. Sending love to all :heart:

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I am like this at work, just going through the motions. I am not productive.

Everything exhausts me and I am just so fed up of feeling this this.

How does life keep going without my mom? :heart:


I’m trying to do things to help distract me but it’s so hard! The time when you need your mum most she isn’t here and it’s heartbreaking :disappointed:

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@Titch7674 exactly this. I need my mom, she always made me feel better. I have so much I want to tell her, so much I want to do with her. My heart breaks

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I’ve been off work 12 weeks, 8 of them on sick leave, I’m due back next week and I’m not ready too you don’t get over losing your mum just like that so how can I contemplate going back to work when her death has ripped a massive hole in my chest.

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I’ve been off for weeks. Can’t believe we’re now in February and it’s just over a month since mum died. Part of me feels like it’s been a lifetime since I spoke to her. I’m determined to get stronger. She was so strong especially when she lost dad five years back. I think about how I’m feeling now and how she would have been when dad passed away. Dad had cancer and mum always said she didn’t want to suffer like he did so I suppose she got her wish which is something else I’m trying to take comfort from :heart:


I’m back at work on Monday. I lost dad 2 weeks ago and mum 9 weeks before that. I’m deverstated at the double loss. I can’t believe the world keeps going.

I returned to work 2 weeks after mum as well. Although it was really painful, having a routine and disraction helped a bit. The anxiety of going back was worse than the reality as I told my boss I had brain fog, was crying during the day and totally exhausted. She rallyed around to provide some support.

This time she has provided extra support. Feeling really anxious and like I’ve lost my confidence but I want to try.

Good luck to you on your return. I’ll post next week to let you know how it goes. Dad’s sudden death is the worse thing to ever happen. I hope I can survive it.


I’m thinking a routine may be better. My boss is great and doesn’t expect me back he said four weeks is still early. I have two more weeks off taking me to six so will see what I’m like then and if I’m stronger then I’ll go back and it will be a phased return. I had to get meds from the doc I’m only two weeks in and they say it could take four to six for them to really take effect so I’m hoping things will improve a bit in terms of my anxiety. Hope all goes well at work on Monday :heart:

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Thank you @Titch7674 . I’m not convinced it isn’t a disaster, but I’ll give it a go.

My biggest problem is that following mum’s short illness and bad experience with health care, I no longer feel connected to my industry. So many repeated horror stories and things ar3 not well in health and social care. But my therapist recommended not making a big change yet. We’ll see in time.


Understandable :heart: well just see how it goes and think of it as doing it for you and part of your recovery on your terms x

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When life feels suffocating
And the way ahead too far
Then breath by breath by steady breath
Just stay right where you are

When morning comes in blazing
Threatening to burn the day
Just let the sun in gently
Ray by ray by steady ray

When night intimidates you
And the silence tries to scream
Just rest against the darkness
Dream by dream by steady dream

When life is just too much –
It’s far too loud and far too bright
Then live little by little,
Day by day and night by night

See, I know it all feels heavy
Like a load you cannot lift,
A race you want no part of
And a weight you cannot shift

But when the road ahead is long
And overwhelming you
Don’t push yourself too quickly -
Slow and steady gets you through

This is from the book ‘When I am Gone’ but I think it can apply to any difficult day xx


Love this. Thank you.

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I actually bought myself this book from Amazon it’s full of verses and poems like this one x


Great recommendation. Thank you.

I love this quote

If there ever comes a day where we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.


I totally understand! I’m still struggling 20+ years on :frowning:

I am feeling very unsettled and emotional. I really need my mom right now. I need her to help me. :cry::broken_heart:


I know exactly how your feeling xx

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