Introducing myself and loss

Hi my name is Claire. I’m new to this group. I’d just like to send my love to you all for your loss. I lived with my parents and cared for them, lost them 4 days apart from covid. It’s been 3 years and sometimes it seams harder now. Do any of you still feel traumatized by the circumstances of how you lost someone? Is anyone dreading christmas like me


Hello @Jones67,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum and dad - that is devastating. I really hope you find the community to be a support to you. Sadly, many of our members have lost their parents and will understand some of what you’re going through.

You’re not alone in dreading Christmas. There’s a few recent threads about it you might want to post on:

Please do keep reaching out. Take care,

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Hi Claire, much like you, I too am new to this forum, I dreaded throughout Covid-19 that I would lose my mum, she was my only parent, so two parents in one really, when we got through the thick of the virus, a sense of relief did wash over me, unfortunately, today marks the date of her being admitted into hospital, to never return home to us. I’m utterly traumatised by the circumstances, not necessarily the way she died or the environment in which she died in, but what I consider the contributing factors and things that made her life uncomfortable whilst she was battling cancer.

I dreaded last Christmas, as she was with us, but the consultant had told us in late November “she has between two and four weeks left”. Four weeks was marked on 20th December so my anxiety was sky rocketing around that time, It’s made me not so fond of Christmas, I love the enjoyment and the decorations, but it won’t be the same without mum around, ive chosen to spend the day alone this year, with maybe a visit from the other half to keep me from going into that dark place.

I honestly cannot begin to fathom how you feel, losing two people you love dearly in the space of four days is going to be flipping horrific to deal with, let alone cope with! What do you intend on doing for Christmas out of curiosity?

Not sure what I’m doing yet with anyone over christmas. As no family left. Just wish I know someone nearby to come here for christmas. Sending you all my love and sympathy xx