Loss of our son aged 27

Sending love and hugs.

Kate xxxx

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Thank you my friend :heart: :pray::heart: xxx

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Just read this lovely poem … so true x

Sadness came to tea last night
as she’s often done before
but I didn’t let her in this time
I stopped her at the door

“I’m off to meet with friends”, I said
“your timing isn’t right
I can’t allow your atmosphere
it’s not the place tonight”

but sadness wouldn’t take the hint
her manners lack finesse
her pace was slow and heavy
yet she kept up nonetheless

and even when I took my place
amongst my laughing friends
she squeezed herself right in-between
her boldness never ends

and I was sure my friends would see
this spectre at the feast
and somehow think me lesser
for inviting such a beast

but no, their warmth was undeterred
as if nothing was new
I think perhaps they know by now
I sometimes I come as two

and even sadness seemed to glow
a lighter shade of grey
to know that she’s accepted
seemed to lighten up her day

so let your sad accompany you
don’t think her hard to bear
no need to face her all alone
just pull an extra chair.

Donna Ashworth
‘Sadness comes’

This poem is for #mentalhealthawarenessweek, I hope it will help each of us understand one another’s emotions and complicated hearts better.


Hi Helen , your words are very true, thank you for your kind thoughts, it is very comforting to think I am not alone and we are all in this together but wish we could turn back time. All my love Pete (bluebird)


So sorry to hear about your son it’s so sad I’m only a year younger than him he had his whole life in front of him. I’ve recently lost my dad and I have so much anger and guilt and don’t know who to talk to


Hello Bluebird,
Yes, I too would love to turn back time, I also have 2 stepsons one of which is absolutely fantastic and would do anything for me, but the other is an alcoholic in complete denial and treats everybody including his dad and mum and me like dirt stinks to high heaven his house and himself because that apparently is a trait of alcoholics, and he’s still here and like Lee the older stepson says I know where you’re coming from Sam should still be here and my brother gone not the other way aroun Lee has no time whatsoever for Wayne will not speak to him and has absolutely nothing to do with him, yes I am angry that Wayne is still
here and Sam not I just don’t understand why.
love Helen


Dear Victoria,
Its 4.25 am in the morning and im at work, i was scrolling through FB and read this D. Ashworth poem and thought how i could relate, i then went on the Sue Ryder site straight after and came straight to your post, we are all so strongly connected :heart: sending you much love my friend xxxxx


I feel as though we are all connected through our beautiful children and hope they have found each other as we have. Much love to you :heart: