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Hi. Margarita. Thank you for your post, and I am so glad you got some comfort from the psychic, Matt Fraser. My wife was very psychic and she too saw so called ‘dead’ people. On occasions walking along a road or sitting indoors. They disappeared into the wall or just vanished, but they were always cheerful looking and happy. As you will know from my thread on this subject, I have made a study of this and from a real cynic I became a firm believer that this life is not the end but but a beginning of a long journey.
Some lucky people have the ability to see beyond this vale of tears. It’s as if a window opens and closes so that they get a glimpse of what lies beyond our very limited capacity to understand. I am not in the least psychic, but the experiences my wife had leaves me in no doubt. She never told anyone who would not understand. As a child she too was ridiculed. So many have this wonderful gift, but suppress it for fear of being thought crazy. There is a very interesting book called ‘The Boy who saw True’. I think still available on Amazon. No one believed him, so when he grew up he lost his psychic abilities. I find that so sad when he could have helped so many.
Thanks for the post. John.


Dear Jonathan123, thank you for your reply, I too used to be psychic but over the years I have lost the ability. I never saw things but felt them. I know there is so much more that we can learn. I have found comfort, of course I will always miss my husband but my heart and brain have finally accepted that he has gone to a better place and not suffering any more and now I feel I’m on the road to recovery. Take care Margarita

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Still not had it yet Bessie the guy that was meant to do tested positive for Covid-19 so it’s a waiting game now, I was supposed to get a phone reading still waiting don’t know what to do now, I know it’s definitely not Scott’s fault but when the time is right I will get what I need xxx hope you are well

Thursday would have been Pete’s birthday, my second without him. We got through. I took red roses to his ashes and lit a candle at home. Sending love and positive thoughts. Please keep in touch. Bessie xx

When it was Andys 50th Birthday in August I took the kids and some sunflower :sunflower: down to his favourite place the beach, he was a volunteer for Coastwatch and absolutely adored his job and if I had my way that’s where his ashes would go because I know it was his favourite place to be other than with me and the kids, take care Bessie xx

We arrived in Cornwall yesterday to finally be able to scatter my son’s ashes at his favourite place we spent weeks holidaying at as he grew up . We were supposed to be doing that at Easter but lockdown prevented it . It’s all just so stressful though isn’t it - all the “firsts” , I put roses down before I came where the rest of his ashes are with my mum and dad. Love to everyone X

Thinking of you.

Thank you x

I’ve been obsessing over mediums and life after death ever since my partner died unexpectedly seven weeks ago. I’m extremely sceptical because neither me or him ever believed in anything after death although obviously since losing him I’m absolutely desperate to believe there’s something more and that I’ll see him again. I’ve bitten the bullet and booked an express phone appointment for the end of the month with a medium who has a five year waiting list and has done readings for celebrities. It cost £750 because it’s an express reading. I was hoping that it would provide me with proof of an afterlife but now I’m wondering even if the reading was absolutely spot on how will I know if they are getting the information from my brain and my energy rather than from my partner or any other relatives that may come through?

How do we know they are speaking with the spirits of the deceased rather than just reading us? Does that make sense to anybody else?

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Not long until you’re reading . I hope you get something from it .

I’ve turned sceptical and dismissed little things recently but last night I was cleaning the dog hair from the stairs with a tool my friend lent me. I was 4 down from the top when the lights in the landing all went out leaving it dark . I went down switched off & on again & started in the stairs , it happened again ( they are all new bulbs as they went out a few weeks ago but I knew they had been there a while so dismissed anything afterlife wise )

It was weird as my son who believes we go on to be something in a scientific way so again a bit sceptic where mediums are concerned, said he felt different this time & had goosebumps and general thought Bry was there . Probably moaning saying if all the times I’ve cleaned then with a cloth & disinfectant, you now het a gadget :joy::joy:

Today I actually went to the hairdressers and when I got home right near the mat at the front door was one of Brys roll up dimps !! Bearing in mind it’s 9 weeks today since he passed . They are not like a normal cig they tend to disintegrate if it rains .

My head is :exploding_head::exploding_head: now . Really don’t know what to think :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Hope you are ok as can be xxxx


Oh I’m glad you seem to be recieving signs, it must be so comforting :slight_smile:

A week today :slight_smile: It’s 10 weeks today since I lost him :broken_heart:
I’m really nervous about it now. I just hope it convinces me. I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t because I went with someone who is rather expensive purely because she gives specifics and I think the readings she’s given others have been such good quality if anyone can convince me it will be her.

I still don’t feel him around me, I’ve had no signs either :broken_heart:
On the plus side I am dreaming of him a lot lately and they are lovely dreams :heartpulse:
I wouldn’t say they were visitation dreams because I dream of lots of people who are still alive too.

I’ve actually booked a second reading with a different, more reasonably priced medium for the day after my expensive medium. I just wanted to see if one was better than the other and if they both say similar things. Neither one of them knows anything about me or what loved ones I’ve lost so that should be interesting. I can imagine him on the second reading being like “ffs, what do you want now, I only spoke to you yesterday” :rofl: Seriously though I hope he comes through exactly how he was in life. Some of the things he would say were soo outrageous no medium would make it up.

Hope you’re doing as well as can be expected as well. You’re going on holidays soon aren’t you? I know it’s going to be hard and you’ll wish he was there with you but I hope you still manage to have a nice time.
I’d kill for a holiday right now :rofl:

It’s funny that the lights went off. In my early manic raving days I was sat here bawling my eyes out screaming at him desperately begging for a sign. I kept saying to him “Do something! Please! Anything! Turn the lights on or something just please, please let me know you’re still around” Nothing ever happened though :disappointed:

That’s why I really doubted anything after death because I was in such a state and he did nothing :disappointed:
I keep thinking if he could have surely he would have? Maybe it was too early? Who knows. Hopefully one day :crossed_fingers:


I’m excited for you & hope he does . Bry used to come out with certain things & gave us all nicknames that’s one thing that would convince me.

I ‘ think’ I had a visitation dream off my dad but it was about 3 years after he died . He wasn’t in the dream at all until the end, he looked just like her always did and said ‘ I’ve missed you ‘ I said I’ve missed you too’ hugged him and woke up . I felt so at peace & after that I haven’t really cried about him since , it’s very strange . …. Xxx

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I know . Even after last night I’m shouting at him to give me something so I know he’s around me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xxxx


Here’s a link a friend sent me last night goes on a bit bit a couple of things make sense with regards to us grieving & not enough space for them to get through . Worth a read xxx

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It’s funny because during the first seven weeks the only dreams I had about him were horrible. In one he was trying to force his way through a door with a knife in his hand :sob: That one really upset me because I couldn’t believe my brain would think that about him :broken_heart:

At the eight week stage my mind cleared a bit. The constant pressure in my head disappeared and I could focus on things more clearly. It was then that I started having lovely dreams about him.
In one dream he’d walked outside after winding me up and I followed him outside, gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and as I was hugging him I said to him “see that’s why you pissed me off so much when you were alive” :rofl::see_no_evil: I knew he was gone in the dream though but I wasn’t upset or emotional. I could actually feel him when I gave him a hug. It was lovely and it did make me feel comforted.
In another one we were lying in bed and he had his head on my chest cwtched in. I’m hoping I dream about him more regularly now that my mind isn’t quite so frazzled.

I guess it does make sense that being an emotional wreck stops any dreams or signs. Here’s hoping he’s going to give me something soon. I have just asked him again but he never listened to me when he was alive so I doubt he’ll listen to me in death :rofl:

I’ll have a look at that link now :slight_smile:

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I have had a couple of dreams where I knew it was definitely Bry but I could t see his face then another where our friends were all the same age but Bry was younger and he was really horrible to me me with ‘ I couldn’t care less attitude’ which is so not what he was like , it was me who was the stubborn one :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xxx

Oh isn’t it horrible when we dream they are horrible or aggressive :sob:
I absolutely hated myself for dreaming bad things about him. I was terrified it would continue. He’d never hurt anyone in his life so it was so upsetting.

It’s funny you say your Bry looked younger in the one dream, my OH looked slightly younger in the dream where he had his head on my chest. Only slightly though. Strange isn’t it.

They do say in the afterlife you go back to a time where you looked and felt your best. I hope I go back to my twenties when I could eat and drink anything I wanted and stay a size 8-10 then :rofl: Oh and before my knee started to hurt :rofl:

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Wouldn’t we all , although I have lost over a stone since Bry passed xxxxx