Missing you ❤️

Hi N8658,
Thank you for kind words to the group . Of course, the same back to you. Xx

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I hope you have a wonderful time in Tenerife as you can.
Take care xx

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So sorry for your loss we feel your pain ,Its hard luv people say it gets easier but i dont think it dose , think we start to learn to live along side of grief so they keep telling me , after funeral its like everyone returns back to their same life but we left so numb and lonely , talking on here help a little because everyonne is grieving our own loss , ive got friends but they all got husband’s so i find it hard if we go out for coffee they constantly moaning about their husband’s and where they going holidays etc it makes me emotional to think not only have i lost my Husband ive lost my life, xx


Exactly my sentiments :broken_heart: life is never the same again without our soulmate :broken_heart:


Please keep sharing - we are all here to share and support one another.
Take good care xx


I feel exactly the same way it’s hard to think that you are on your own now and how do you carry on Even other family members have there partners and they tell you what they are doing and it’s all really upsetting isn’t it :mending_heart:


I know its so hard to see everyone getting on with their life, but ours has stopped. You can’t imagine a lofe without the person you fell in love with and made a life with. The nights are so lonely, and you just sit there watching the tv, but you’re not paying any attention to it. It’s just too drown out of the silence :hugs:


Dear @N8658
I could have written that .
Thank you .
Love hugs and strength to everyone on here


Too true been nearly 1 year for me.
Tv is on for background noise cant remember when i watched a full tv programme :flushed:
Love DR WHO and even haven’t watched the Christmas episode yet and due to start new episode next week
Take care

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Yes, it’s like your concentration has gone. Nothing seems to interest you anymore. It’s like a big, dark cloud hanging over you. Nothing makes sense! Big hugs to everyone on here xx


Totally agree. Exactly the same for me.

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We all are going through the same sad, painful and terribly lonely journey :weary: Will it ever get better - who knows? The only thing we can do is try to get used to this new normal I suppose :weary:
Take care & big hugs to everyone :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Dear @N8658 and all of you posting
It’s so hard isn’t it.
19 months for me and I don’t feel any different, any more healed, I’m still hurting so much.

TV is a struggle. It’s always on , like you say the noise /sound of conversation is just there to break the silence. Can’t concentrate on the content of the programmes. Often keep rewinding cos I’ve missed what was going on!
I’ve even tried turning the subtitles on , so I can read them, thinking that my help me concentrate more!!
Can’t watch programmes we enjoyed together, can’t watch the programmes I liked but he didn’t. It’s so strange, and impossible to explain to others.

In the recordings on sky TV , I’ve still got all the programmes he had recorded. Some were set on record series. I’ve stopped that, and I did delete some episodes recorded after he died, but all the ones recorded before he died are there in the sky recordings for him to watch when he wants to incase he hadn’t got round to it yet.

Grief makes us into strange beings doesn’t it. If I tried to explain this to others I’m sure they’d think I’d lost the plot!

Love and hugs and strength to you all

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No, you’ve not lost the plot. You’re just going through grief, and it is an emotional rollercoaster ! Big hugs :heart:

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Thank you :hugs:

It is all so true. I do many things since my partner passed away that make me seem quite mad, yet currently those things help me get through every day.
We all understand this ‘madness’ and actually if it works as a coping mechanism (even for a little while) who is it hurting.
Love to all.


Thank you Elite.

On sofa, my new bed, with our two dogs, but having a very very wobbly time



Hi everyone. I think I could have written any of these posts tonight. The tv on for noise, the mad things we do, but they’re not mad to me. The sadness, the loneliness, the roller coaster that is grief. The big dark cloud. Then there’s the wanting to dream of him, and when I do, breaking my heart when I realise it was just a dream, especially the not nice ones, how is it the worst dreams stay in your mind longest, the nice ones vanish so quickly?

I hope everyone has a peaceful night

Love and hugs to you all


The sofa has been my bed many nights. Whatever helps xx

It really is upsetting especially when inside we falling apart , they havnt got a clue how the pain we feel , ill be 60 next week i was supposed to be going away for couple off days but my cousin she gave backword but that was only when i asked whats is time etc arrangements, she just said or i carnt go now ! Yesterday i cleaned my car inside and out even waxed it ,then this morning a little white fether on my back light i smiled and thought my hubby giving me his approval for a job welldone