Missing you ❤️

I am so sorry.

I truly understand.

My gp said exactly that about family and friends to me.

I think concentrating on your health and wellbeing is excellent.

Thinking of you.

Rose xx

Thank you. I’m at work and finding hard to focus as these negative feelings keep replaying on my mind over and over - how exhausting :cry:
Big hugs x

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Thank you for your kind words.
I will certainly keep my focus firmly on my wellbeing :pray:

Oh dear thats so sad why do some members of family show no compassion in these circumstances, it is little wonder its brought your mood down but I hope you can get past this and get back to focussing on yourself.
Negative relatives we can do without at this time!
I hope you feel better soon, its sad as you were so positive after your break away, shame they had to spoil that, sending hugs xxxx

I feel for you and i can understand. Ive had nothing but trouble from my late husband’s sister’s who were executors of his estate. They didnt help with anything to do with the funeral and they came in my house pretending to care, when is all they were bothered about was sizing up my late husband’s assets for his son. Some people have no morals or respect. X

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I’ve tried to keep busy at work to sideline these negative thoughts and hope I will gradually feel better, thank you so much for your kind support :pray:
I find it rather odd they should be unhappy about me taking a break on our wedding anniversary, or treating myself to something nice sometimes. What’s on these people’s minds I wonder?
Sending love & hugs xxx


So comforting to know that we are going through similar experiences and we understand each other. It’s so true “money is the root of all evil” that’s all they can see and care sadly!
Best wishes xx

Thats just shocking if they can’t say anything nice they should keep their opinions to themselves, it makes me so angry hearing people who call themselves family behaving like that!
You do what’s best for you and try not to listen to their negativity xxx

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Hi All,
My experience is a bit different.
My partner has 2 children who will get his entire estate. That is no surprise as we both have our own properties and likewise anything of mine would go to my children.
The issue I gave is that almost from the time he was very poorly in the hospice, his boys have excluded me from virtually everything. I found this shocking, disrespectful and beyond hurtful.

We had a wonderful 4 years together and we were very happy. I naively thought the boys were happy with us being together. and I never saw this coming with them!
One son has rewritten history and acted as if I never existed and the other berated me to other family members at the funeral ( I have since discovered).
It has hurt me as o much and my darling partner would be totally surprised and very upset.
My bereavement counsellor felt it wasn’t actually me as a person but what I stood for- having to share their dad ( but it was never like that). They are in their 40s with their own children, so not youngsters.

Sorry it really still upsets me, 6 months on but trying to accept it. I now know that they were probably never genuine at all.

Ok rant over.

Lots of love to all our friends on here. Xx



So very sorry you have experienced this.

Big hug.

Love Rose xx

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Honestly apart from the agony of losing my partner , the way those kids have behaved is disgusting and makes me feel so sad. I now have no contact with them and feel sure my partner would not have wanted that. Also unable to talk about him with those so close to him is horrible, as so many things we could have shared.
Never been treated like that in my life.

Sorry still ranting. Xx

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Thats so sad and must’ve been awful for you, they are grown men and should be more considerate as they must know you made their dad happy!
I don’t understand why people have to be so spiteful at such a very sad time for all of you, I hope you can get past this and not let it get to you too much, take care and look after yourself xxx


I am so exhausted by all this, it’s been 14 months non-stop one thing after another! I’ve stopped taking there calls for a couple of days and I am now feeling a little more at peace and able to focus on other things a little better.
You are right I should really try to ignore them completely - I am so willing to do just that - still a work-in-progress though.
Thank you so much for you kind support - very much appreciated xxx

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I totally understand where you’re coming from and to be treated like that, when all you did was make their dad happy ! They should not behave in that way . You dont deserve that and out of respect for their dad , they shouldn’t. I had a situation with my late husbands family. They have been abhorrent to me and treated me like nothing. Even said they dont want anymore to do with me from his sisters. Some people are just vile and inhuman. Big hugs xx

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Hi @Angel1309 . Why do still need to have contact with them? My mum has behaved dreadfully and upset me a lot since Steve died, I simply don’t speak to her any more. I can’t deal with her. Peace. X


So sorry you have to go through this on top of trying to grieve the loss of your beloved.
sending big hugs :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Hi @SadGirlfriend I have tried to keep a distance but they are the only family members I have left and I don’t want to end up completely alone that is why I’ve put up with them until now. Having said that, I have almost reached the end of my tether recently and have told them I need time alone to grieve peacefully - so have not heard from them for a few days and started to feel a little better, although I think it will take a bit longer for me to recover from this setback as it completely floored me at the weekend. I believe one day, sooner or later if they keep on like this I will definitely cut off all the communication with them for good.
It’s better to alone, lonely but at peace! xx


You honestly think that you are a nasty person and I find myself questioning out lives together based purely on their attitude now and I hate that. I feel that those kind of people show complete lack of empathy for a partner/spouse of someone who has passed and deserves respect at the very least but sadly in many cases those individuals can see no further that the end of their vile, spiteful noses. Meanwhile the effects of their cold -heartedness is hard to comprehend.
Karma - enough said.

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Don’t apologise, you need to share.

Some people really surprise and disappoint don’t they.

I do understand.

I am sorry they cannot see the love you had for each other.

Love and hugs xx


I can fully relate to what your saying,my wife passed a little over ten weeks ago,our son didn’t put in an appearance until the funeral two weeks later,only two members of her family showed up at the funeral,my sister didn’t even do that,my brother is an “ime here if you need me” most of family and friends have gone radio silent,and people wonder why I am a cynic,I really hope you and everyone else finds some solace.