Public and private posts

Hi @Meebee,

I’m just starting a new conversation because I wanted to respond to your point below without derailing the other conversation.

We do already have private messages, which I think you’ve said you do use? You can also start a private conversation between multiple users, which sounds very similar to what you are suggesting about private threads that people can be invited to. Did you have something different in mind? Perhaps you can share a bit more about what you meant.

We can also move posts to a new conversation if discussions go off topic, so if you see situations where this might be the case, do let us know by using the flag button under the post.

We do plan in work with our technical team on a fairly regular basis to make improvements to the site. We try to look at feedback and suggestions and consider what will be most helpful to users when making updates.

It’s very thoughtful of you to mention raising money for this work, thank you. We would be able to do technical updates on the site without any specific immediate fundraising, but we are a charity and the overall running of the maintenance of the community is funded by voluntary donations. Anyone who wishes to donate to support the online community can also do this here:

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Good morning Priscilla,
I have a suggestion.
When someone replies to another person, placing that reply directly under the post they are replying to.
Currently, a reply goes to the bottom of all posts which makes it difficult to see what the person was replying to. Often there are many posts in-between.
Keeping the relevant replies together, will make it easier to read.
Ty for asking - did you ask? :slight_smile:

Hello Elldubs. I hope you don’t mind me responding even though your post was to Priscilla. If you reply directly to a particular post, you can see the post you’re replying to by tapping on the person displayed on the right. I’m not sure I have explained it very well but if you look to the right of this post you will see your profile symbol. If you tap on that your post will come up. Hope this helps. x

Good morning Kate
Yes you can see the person
But you can not see the actual post. Thats what I am referring to.
I think its called nesting.

Hi EllDubs,

I have seen some forums that structure it like that, but it can get quite confusing in its own way too - because if you get more replies to that reply, you can get quite a long ‘sub-conversation’ within the conversation.

You then have to either make it so you can’t see the sub-conversation without expanding it, which leads to a lot of posts not being visible, or else people have to scroll quite far past the sub-conversation to see more replies to the original post (even if those replies were posted before the sub-conversation).

I hope I’m explaining that OK, it’s quite hard to put into words!

There are some issues with either way, so I don’t think there’s a perfect solution, unfortunately!

That is true!
There can be too many sub replies which then get collapsed.

I find it hard to follow whats going on when there are many posts.

Perhaps there is a solution to this with a personal choice as a feature of the software that you are using.
Thank you for replying.

I don’t really feel I have the right to comment as I have not used the forum for a long time. I couldn’t get to grips with the new layout and still think the previous one was by far the best and easiest to navigate and far less cluttered to the eye. I’ve read there are also private groups and wonder if this doesn’t create a degree of division and exclusion. it’s only my thoughts.

Hi Tina,

There are no private groups as such - not in the sense of formal groups set up by Sue Ryder. It is possible for any members to send each other private messages through the site (unless a member chooses to set their profiles so that people cannot send them private messages), so private chats do happen on a more informal basis.

It’s each individual’s choice who they reply to and whether they post publicly or send private messages or both. However, we do usually find that plenty of people post publicly and that posts generally get a lot of supportive replies, and new users are welcomed and hopefully made to feel included.