What do you do when it gets bad?

Thank you so much for thinking about counselling for me. That is very kind.

Sadly, I have contacted so many organisations and 6 months is the waiting time.

I have also been told that quite a few organisations will not even consider counselling for anyone who has not been bereaved for less than 6 months. It seems, rightly or wrongly, their reasoning is that emotions are too raw for counselling to be as effective/useful as possible.

I have contacted Samaritans more than once and it has helped to talk with them.

Thank you for being so thoughtful!


Hello @RoseGarden

My counsellor would consider soonest counselling I’m sure. Its 55 pounds but well worth it., maybe she won’t have the space but worth a try


How long have you been seeing her!


I’ve been seeing her ( via zoom) for about 5 years. Firstly once a week, then once a month and now I dip in when I feel I need to talk to her