loss of a grandparent.

I had a very special bond with my nana, I’m hoping someone will relate to this. My nana passed away 5, nearly 6 years ago and it was one of the hardest moments of my life. I never really got grieve and that’s why I’m here hopefully to be supported and to try to help others. Still to this day I wish that she would just come back and invite me round to hers for a cuppa haha and as much as I would love that wish to come true, deep down I know that it can’t. I want to grieve for her properly but I also don’t want to let go because I don’t want to feel that sort of pain. Let me know if you can understand or relate? x


I’m so sorry to hear about your nana passing away and that you have found it difficult to grieve properly. It sounds as though you have bottled up some feelings over the years, but they haven’t really gone away. I hope it will help a little to be able to write them down here.

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I lost my grandad around 3 weeks ago. I am really grieving with terrible anxiety and now worried about other people dying around me and also worried about my own death.

I am getting myself into a tangle and really struggling which is now affecting my life.

Are there any good ways to try best to cope with these thoughts. I also feel guilty doing things Nd them not being around.


Soo sorry to hear your Nana passed away.

My Nan, who i was very close to died 17 years ago. She was the perfect Nan and there’s not a day goes by where i dont think of her. Until this year, i still think about her but my Grandad passed away in May and I am absolutely lost without him.

I completely understand your feeling of anxiety of loosing others, i feel like my family is crumbling away

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