Coping with Christmas: round-up of conversations

Christmas is not always a time of joy - for many people on this site, it can be a difficult or bittersweet time of year. I’ve noticed that lots of you are posting about coping with Christmas, so I’ve rounded up a list of those conversations in this pinned post for anyone who is looking for support with this issue. Of course, you can always start a new conversation yourself, too, but sometimes it’s helpful to see what other people have been saying.

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I too am finding it very very difficult this Xmas, I lost my husband in April this year. As someone said they would like to go to bed and wake up when it is all over, just what I would like to do!

Janet x

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Hi Janet, yes the first Christmas without your loved one is heartbreaking but please believe me it gets better. This is my second Christmas without my husband but feel I can get through it better than last year. Look after yourself and remember the happy times you had together. Best wishes to you.

This is my second Christmas but it is worst I think I am now realizing he’s gone and never coming back