Coping with grief at Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you are coping as well as possible with what can be a difficult time of year. If you are finding things tough, some of our Sue Ryder bereavement counsellors have put together some advice, which you might find helpful to read: Coping With Grief at Christmas

I was very pleased to see that some of our users have decided to come together (virtually) and light candles in remembrance of their loved ones on Christmas Eve. If you are interested in taking part, have a look at this conversation: Lighting a Christmas Eve Candle.

There have been lots of other discussions about Christmas on the site already, with lots of support from users. I’ve rounded up some of them here for anyone who would like to read and take part. Or, of course, you are also welcome to start a new conversation about the topic yourself.

Thank you for those suggestions. I am struggling with the idea of Christmas. Always have a little but it’s worse this year. Thanks anyway.

It’s 8 months today without my beautiful Mum :broken_heart: days are like rollercoasters, I can start the day positive and even smile then boom! A memory comes to mind I see her picture and I remember she’s not here and more recently the Christmas songs :cry: My Mum would have been 88 years old this Christmas Day~ she still will but she won’t be here surrounded with us all, hugs, kisses, Christmas and birthday wishes to share with her, it’s heartbreaking and I know it’s the first milestones that hit hard. I laid my Christmas flowers for her the other day and I had a wreath custom made as i wanted something beautiful for her on her graveside.
I have a 9.5 year old daughter who misses her Nan and I carry her grief as well as mine. Every gift I’ve wrapped so far I’ve had my Mum with me. It’s just going to be so very hard this Christmas Day. I’m always awake around 7.30-8am Christmas morning but I’ve made a plan in my head to wake at 6am and sit downstairs and have some time by myself and my Mum so I can gather my thoughts and have a talk with her and send Christmas Day birthday love to Heaven. Xxx

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